Cleaning Service NYC – your personal time-manager!

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Cleaning Service NYC –  your personal time-manager! Cleaning SERVICE nyc is one of the very popular searches in New York, especially in Manhattan NYC. This is not surprising since the scope of cleaning services is rapidly growing as the need for them. The phrase Cleaning Service nyc are searching by many people who need a variety of … Continue reading “Cleaning Service NYC – your personal time-manager!”

What can happen if you wouldn’t do Post Construction Cleaning NYC?

post construction cleaning nyc benefits

What can happen if you don’t do Post Construction Cleaning NYC? Dear friends, the construction is actually a very serious theme. If you hesitate to do general construction or repair, you  must understand the seriousness of the process. I want to show you. The construction is not completed at the stage when all repair work … Continue reading “What can happen if you wouldn’t do Post Construction Cleaning NYC?”

2 LifeHacks in One Day Cleaning Service NYC

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2 Life hacks in which indispensable is one day cleaning service I want to tell you some Life hacks which will be essential at least once in everyone’s life. All of them are connected with one day cleaning service nyc and later you will understand why. Life hack 1 of one day cleaning service nyc … Continue reading “2 LifeHacks in One Day Cleaning Service NYC”

How Same Day Maid Service NYC could help you?

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How Same Day Maid  Service NYC could help you to develop willpower ? In this article we gonna consider such problem of modern people as tendency to procrastinating – procrastinate. And we will show you the connection between house cleaning and possibility to get rid of “postponing until tomorrow” syndrome once and for all using … Continue reading “How Same Day Maid Service NYC could help you?”

3 Best Cleaning Service NYC Features

best cleaning service nyc features

Currently the Internet has so much information about cleaning service NYC, very often the reader is simply lost in this diversity and not finding what actually was looking for. Because of the day and the day people need  cleaning service NYC, this field is growing and customer awareness in this area is still not high … Continue reading “3 Best Cleaning Service NYC Features”

Some Post Renovation Cleaning Nuances

post renovation cleaning nuances

If your home or apartment are going to reach the final stage of the restoration or repair, you should think about who and how will do Post Renovation Cleaning. And in this article we will speak about Post Renovation Cleaning Nuances that you must know! Agree that the company or person carrying out repair your … Continue reading “Some Post Renovation Cleaning Nuances”

Post Renovation Cleaning Manhattan NYC

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If you decide to make repairs in their apartment I recommend just pay attention to companies that provide such a service - Post Renovation Cleaning Manhattan NYC Immediately I will tell you why you should simultaneously with the repair plan and determine the company that will conduct Post Renovation Cleaning Manhattan NYC. Firstly it will … Continue reading "Post Renovation Cleaning Manhattan NYC"

Same Day Cleaning NYC | Features

same day cleaning nyc

Among the large variety of cleaning services in Manhattan is one service that deserves special attention is the – Same Day Cleaning. Prospects get it already and immediately  – agree that it’s too pleasant and seductive thing to not use it. That is why service Same Day Cleaning nyc is one of the most needed, … Continue reading “Same Day Cleaning NYC | Features”

Best Post Construction Cleaning Service NYC

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In the previous article we already quite acquainted in detail with the preference of our Post Construction Cleaning service in Manhattan. We considered many reasons why our company provides the best Post  Construction Service in New York  – Manhattan. And despite this, a separate article I would like to dedicate it to the unique approach … Continue reading “Best Post Construction Cleaning Service NYC”

Where you can order post construction cleaning service NYC?

post construction cleaning service

When the final scratches of your house or flat reconstruction are going to the end and you are happy that everything is in the past.  In your dreams you enjoy your new apartment with your dearest and nearest and in this very moment on your way appear dust, spots from paint and other side effects … Continue reading “Where you can order post construction cleaning service NYC?”

Post Construction Cleaning Features in Manhattan NYC

post construction cleaning features

You may ask why we devote so such a thing as Post Construction Cleaning in Manhattan? I’ll tell you why: if considered New York, I can say without exaggeration that it is living in Manhattan greatest connoisseurs of private houses and measured life. Even Manhattan residents in my opinion sets the pace in the American dream lifestyle for … Continue reading “Post Construction Cleaning Features in Manhattan NYC”

How post renovation cleaning help you to survive the neophobia?!

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Can post renovation cleaning help me? Perhaps, there are some people for whom renovation is a kind of entertainment or a tiny advantage. But I think there will be not so many of such ones, only if you are a builder, and post renovation  of your house is your daily deal. Nevertheless, for less of the … Continue reading “How post renovation cleaning help you to survive the neophobia?!”

For those who hate house cleaning! | Luxury Cleaning Service Blog

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Do you feel completely safe in your own house, room, bed or carpet? The reason for the question is that the feeling of security can be quite misleading. If house cleaning is a tremendous burden for you, and noise from the hover evokes the attack of anger as well as irritation this material is accurately … Continue reading “For those who hate house cleaning! | Luxury Cleaning Service Blog”

Post Construction Cleaning Checklist

post construction cleaning checklist

After  Construction or repair any room  or apartment  aren’t looking like living or working. It begins to resemble dusty warehouse, where instead of things, for some reason, is just rubbish.Your area (house, flat, apartment) needs detailed Post Construction Cleaning after repair.You can see the effects of construction and repair work in  mountains  of construction waste,spots on all … Continue reading “Post Construction Cleaning Checklist”

5 reasons for doing house cleaning weakly

house cleaning

Let’s be honest – we absolutely hate such an integral part of our life as house cleaning. It’s not weird, because while a lot of interesting occupations and favourite activities are waiting for us (e.g. business, spending time with our beloved people or doing sports etc.) we have to dedicate at least 2-3 hours of … Continue reading “5 reasons for doing house cleaning weakly”

Cleaning company advantages

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Certainly, you can do the cleaning on your own, but in this case cleaning frequently is poor-quality because of lack of time and knowledge. Incorrectly chosen cleaning product can not just do much harm to surfaces, but also leave stains and it will need more time for their removal. Experts in their work use deep … Continue reading “Cleaning company advantages”

Cleaning establishment

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Cleaning establishment while the owners relax All people want to have a good rest during their  long-awaited weekends . But what about cleaning the apartment? After all, there isn’t enough time to do cleaning on weekdays and there is no desire at weekends. It may seem that cleanliness indoors  does not demand a lot of … Continue reading “Cleaning establishment”

Cleaning in apartment with pets

apartments cleaning pets

Lots of people have pets at homes that have become full-fledged members for many families. The main task of the owner is the care of pet’s health which is also influenced by home conditions. If there are animals in your home, apartments cleaning should be carried out more carefully. In the apartment, where there are … Continue reading “Cleaning in apartment with pets”

Furniture and carpet cleaning from the cleaning company Luxury Cleaning NY

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Furniture and carpet dry cleaning in Manhattan, New York Cleaning of furniture and carpets is one of the important works in cleaning of premises. The cleaning company «Luxury Cleaning NY» is engaged in cleaning for a long time and customers always highly appreciate our work on upholstered furniture and carpet cleaning. Furniture and carpet cleaning … Continue reading “Furniture and carpet cleaning from the cleaning company Luxury Cleaning NY”

Specificity of the office cleaning with Luxury Cleaning in Manhattan, New York

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Any modern office should shine with cleanliness. It is a pledge of the successful business! Besides, the mood, health and working capacity of employees depends on on-premise cleanliness, the hygienic office condition directly affects the relations between partners, clients and, therefore, the success of all business.  Office general cleaning in Luxury Cleaning New York has its … Continue reading “Specificity of the office cleaning with Luxury Cleaning in Manhattan, New York”


dream house

The husband always supported me in an unwillingness to live in apartments in New York. We dreamt of a spacious cottage which would have not less than two floors, the kitchen filled with sunlight, and three bathrooms. The dream embodiment wasn’t easy for us, but it has appeared that its realization has brought even more … Continue reading “THE HOUSE OF MY DREAM”

Cleanliness helps to save and earn with Luxury Cleaning NY

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International cleaning association ISSA shows in its infographics how the level of cleanliness influences economic indicators of the commercial enterprises in America. Cleanliness is the guarantee of health! The American companies spend 225.8 billion dollars a year on the ill personnel. Thus, the general losses of labor productivity of sick employees make 3-8 %. The … Continue reading “Cleanliness helps to save and earn with Luxury Cleaning NY”

Cleaning company or a staff cleaner?

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What is the basic difference between the services of the professional cleaning company and what the staff cleaner can offer you? For Residences You may need both single residential cleaning service (after renovation, huge celebration) and periodic (from 2-3 times a year to several times a week) for cleaning cottages or apartments. Residential cleaning services … Continue reading "Cleaning company or a staff cleaner?"

What is the difference in cleaning fees and what types of cleaning exist? What type of cleaning is better to choose?

cleaning types and fees

It is always pleasant to see cleanliness at home and at work. But more often we are so busy that it is impossible to spend even few minutes on cleaning. And at the office, as a rule, specially employed people take care of cleanliness. But do they always perform their duties qualitatively? In this article … Continue reading “What is the difference in cleaning fees and what types of cleaning exist? What type of cleaning is better to choose?”

How the cleaning is held and what do you receive as a result? Cleaning Service in Manhattan

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As a whole, standard apartment cleaning occupies no more than 3 hours. The duration of general cleaning of apartment, eco-cleaning or cleaning of apartment after the renovation or cleaning of apartments when moving in / out is individual, but on average it takes 5-6 hours. However, we ask you to take into account that the … Continue reading “How the cleaning is held and what do you receive as a result? Cleaning Service in Manhattan”

Why it is worth ordering apartment cleaning in New York Manhattan

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Cleaning companies increase their popularity among the population every day. With the advent of this business, it was treated cautiously; therefore it extended basically in the offices and industrial premises. With the development of large cleaning organizations, the complex of services spread to apartments, houses and cottages. It is possible to tidy up any premises … Continue reading “Why it is worth ordering apartment cleaning in New York Manhattan”

The new way of cleaning or What is the eco-cleaning?

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Eco-cleaning is an absolutely new direction in the sphere of cleaning services, which is not known enough by consumers. Cleaning involves the use of highly effective cleaners, but it is important they were safe for the person’s health. Have you ever thought that the human body is exposed to the greatest degree of chemical influences … Continue reading “The new way of cleaning or What is the eco-cleaning?”