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You are a busy person and you do not have enough time to clean?
It (charwoman) for you, we offer a service “Maid Cleaning Service “.
Our housekeeper will come at a convenient time for you to clean up and go.
You no longer need to worry about cleanliness,
You can spend time on themselves and on their more important things.
Everyone must do their job!
Love yourself! Cherish your time!
Entrust cleaning to us, and you will be satisfied!

Used by us certified professional chemistry, is harmless to people, pets and plants. We guarantee the safety of your property!

Cleaning of the apartment or house – a daily, a true embodiment of life.  The cleaning process, unlike other (laundry, washing dishes, for example) is completely automated. Well, not invented the machine that collects under the bed men’s socks, carefully dusting a grandmother’s favorite vase, and polish faucets and taps in the bathroom.
Nowadays, in our reality,  Maid cleaning Service of apartments after the renovation or just a general cleaning have to deal with ourselves. And of the thousand and first time crawling with a wet rag in the pursuit of tufts of dust, means a lot is found while  maid cleaning service nyc of the apartment, because the dust covering the uneven layer sidewalks, houses, and streets in New York, ungrateful households, as well as pets and being dragged in freshly harvested housing, can only sigh sadly. And the dream that some handsome prince or even a muscular bald uncle of television commercials will appear one day out of nowhere, and the apartment cleaned shine iridescent light. Yes, unfortunately, this can only be in a fairy tale or a movie, you might think. However, all is not so unrealistic. Because there is a company “Luxury Cleaning”, is ready to provide the service: maid cleaning apartments in New York tortured life of a housewife, or a bachelor, does not want to act like a housewife or an elderly person. And those whose time is expensive and very expensive – especially should think about the price of such unproductive activities like maid cleaning service nyc the cottage or a private apartment. Moreover, that cooperation with the cleaning company will not produce a significant undermining of the family budget.

Maid cleaning service NYC of the apartment includes:

  • Washing windows on two sides (glass, frame, seals, tide, and sill);
  • Dust Mop using the system, from the walls and ceilings;
  • Cleaning of lighting fixtures (chandeliers, lamps);
  • Wash sockets, switches, door handles;
  • Washing floors (parquet, tiles, marble, linoleum);
  • Removal of fatty plaque from the kitchen area;
  • Cleaning sanitary rooms with decalcification and disinfection;
  • Ointment wooden surfaces special polishes;
  • Ointment to a high gloss chrome-plated parts of the interior;
  • Vacuum cleaning of upholstered furniture, carpeting;
  • Taking out the trash.

Prices at the “LuxuryCleaning” on cleaning apartments in NewYork, very accessible, making this service available and in demand. So do not wait for the fantastic creatures of television advertising, or to invent a robot for a maid cleaning service in the home – the question today is solved much easier: it is necessary to dial a phone number and make a reservation.

As a way there is cooperation?
Our housekeeper will come to you to get out 1 time per week (more often). Under a contract of service, which we sign with you, you are pre-paying for 1 month and we are starting to work. Maid Cleaning service NYC can take place both your presence and without you (it is stipulated in the contract, including the guarantee of the safety of property and privacy). If you are interested in other services provided by our company, you can use them at great discount prices.

Your comfort with Maid Cleaning service nyc

Ease customer is the main principle of the cleaning company “Luxury Cleaning NYC”. Busy weekdays often do not allow to pay sufficient attention to this annoying little thing like accumulated dust on the shelves or a tarnished mirror, and after all of these little things add up the overall appearance of the property and our well-being. That is why the “Luxury Cleaning” is focused on the maximum result with the minimum cost of your time and money. Take your favorite things, and we charge the cleaning!
We are able to get out on the premises of any complexity. Our staff has the experience, make you satisfied with our services.
We take full responsibility for the safety of your property and guarantee the high quality of our services. For more details, you can read about this in the section “Guarantees”.
Customer Care
We are focused on long-term cooperation with every customer, and will always be glad to see you among our regular customers. There are permanent discounts and bonuses for regular customers.