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Elite cleaning services are a complex task that requires high qualifications, which not every cleaning organization has. Luxury cleaning provides professional cleaning services for luxury apartments and houses in New York. Our cleaning specialists undergo special training and carefully handle luxurious and demanding interior items and achieve impeccable cleanliness.

Owners of stylish and elite renovations in houses or apartments always want their interiors to shine and the ceilings, floors, and furniture perfectly clean. Our cleaning company will always help its clients fully enjoy the cleanliness and warm, pleasant atmosphere in the apartment. Elite Cleaning of the apartments is a service where specially trained employees will bring the perfect cleanliness with the utmost care and thoroughness, using high-quality and environmentally friendly detergents.

What is the peculiarity of elite cleaning services?  

Elite cleaning services cleaning performed by the company’s employees have significant differences from some standard cleaning services. First of all, our specialists pay a lot of attention to the details and optimal solutions of the most complex and sometimes non-standard tasks. Any work on elite cleaning services begins with a detailed analysis of the extent of pollution and the possible causes of stains. This approach makes it possible to choose the optimal detergents. 

Cleaning luxury apartments and houses imply a great responsibility for the safety of valuable and antique household items and exclusive interior decoration. 


What cleaners can face when cleaning up premium classrooms: 


  • expensive furniture, leather upholstery requiring special cleaning agents and careful care; 
  • unique interior items – crystal chandeliers, lamps, figurines, paintings, antiques; 
  • Finishing with exclusive, expensive materials. It can be Venetian plaster, Italian tiles, flooring made of rare wood and laminate parquet from the best manufacturers, expensive wallpapers; 
  • Granite and marble in decoration – porous materials that easily absorb dirt and therefore need regular maintenance. Elite Cleaning should include grinding and polishing granite for shine, crystallization of marble to smooth out scratches and cracks; 
  • the presence of pools and SPA-areas that require special antifungal treatment and the selection of cleaning agents depending on the material of the pool bowl; 
  • Half-timbered structures, second light, panoramic glazing of winter gardens and terraces, for the maintenance of which it is necessary to carry out work at a height using ladders. 

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Now your home is clean and fully disinfected. Your apartment is impeccable, and we hope to see you again next time you need an elite cleaning service.

There is a reason why customers choose us! 

The following range of advantages makes our company very distinctive among our competitors:

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Luxury Cleaning check iconYou can call the same Luxury Cleaning maid whenever you want if you like how she performs cleaning services

Luxury Cleaning check iconCleaning protocol is fully adapted to coronavirus conditions

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elite cleaning services nyc

The cooperation with us is 100% safe!

How should you know that the person who comes to your apartment is trustworthy? After each cleaning service, you can rate it. Such a system of feedbacks from users helps maintain quality and ensures safety. You can also see the feedback from our clients on the website.

What is included in our elite cleaning services? 

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The list of our services includes a large complex of Cleaning: 

  • removal of dirt and dust from stretch ceilings, walls;
  • washing and rubbing of windows, mirrors, shop windows; 
  • cleaning floor coverings, tiles, parquet, laminate; 
  • removing dust deposits from paintings, frescoes, columns; 
  • cleaning of radiators for heating and window sills; 
  • thorough cleaning of the refrigerator, stove, household appliances; 
  • complete disinfection of plumbing fixtures and faucets in a bathroom;
  • washing of door handles, sockets, lighting devices; 
  • cleaning of showers, bathtubs, and pools.

The cost of the elite cleaning services  

The price for affordable elite cleaning services depends on the volume, and cleaning companies calculate it individually in each case. The things that can influence the cost of our services are the following: 

  • footage of surfaces for Cleaning; 
  • condition, number of items in the interior; 
  • additional work on dry Cleaning, washing, ironing, and other factors. 

How to order NYC elite cleaning services in an apartment?


To order elite cleaning services of an apartment, you need to contact us on the website or by phone. Our manager will assess the situation, describe everything that needs to be done in your house, and agree with you on a convenient time for work in advance. 

Our professional team will come to you on time and will do everything necessary in the best possible way. Now you have to enjoy the order, cleanliness, and comfort of your home.

Elite cleaning services in New York include a wide range of cleaning work that our employees do at customers’ homes to put things in order in the apartment. 

After some time, the owners of elite premises need professional Cleaning of all interiors, finished with elegant, expensive, decorative materials that require special and delicate care.

Expensive materials such as leather, marble, glass, crystal prevail in the arrangement of elite housing. Their rich appearance will depend on the proper care. You should pay much attention to the methods of cleaning antiques, which are usually fragile and very valuable. In this case, it is worth using some specially selected inventory, washing equipment of the best manufacturers, and only high-quality care products. 

When ordering elite cleaning services of the apartment, we will preliminarily discuss all the nuances and offer you the service of experienced cleaners who will carefully clean the apartment, even in the most inaccessible places. We won’t miss a single dirty centimeter of surfaces made of wood, porcelain, gilding, bronze, crystal, ivory, mirrors, and many others.


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Elite Cleaning Services popular Questions and Answers

What security measures have you taken during the coronavirus pandemic?

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Luxury cleaning company has developed a special cleaning procedure in New York to protect customers and employees.
Our cleaners are vaccinated or tested in advance. We give our cleaners protective masks, gloves, and antiseptics to treat door handles and work surfaces.
Before starting work, employees wash their hands thoroughly.
We disinfect reusable inventory after each cleaning order. The cleaner comes to each place with a clean inventory.
We care about the health of our clients!

Is it possible for cleaning specialists to arrive in other areas?

No, we serve only Manhattan in New York  City. You can find out more about the conditions for the departure of cleaners to another area of New York by calling our company by phone.

Do you have any restrictions on the minimum cost of ordering Cleaning?

If you want to accurately calculate the price of professional Cleaning in New York and the region, fill out the application form on the website. Our managers will call you back and answer all your questions about prices.

Is it possible to order cleaning on weekends and holidays?

Yes, we work on weekends and holidays. We are responsible for our employees. So you can go to rest, and leave the keys to the cleaner. Then you will return to an already clean apartment. 

Can I book elite cleaning regularly?

Sure!  You can book it weekly or biweekly. Just indicate while booking deep cleaning how often you want to have this service: is once or twice a week, or once in a fortnight, depending on how suitable it is for you.

How should I pay for Cleaning? Do you need an advance payment?

You can pay online using our booking form.

What Customers Are Saying About Luxury Cleaning Services NYC:

“Luxury Cleaning company was amazing! Very hard working and thorough. They made my home look fabulous! I’ll recommend them to all of my friends! Thank you!”

Amber Huffman

My experience with this company was above and beyond my expectations. Andrew from Luxury Cleaning NY was polite, professional, and went straight to work I would recommend Luxury Cleaning to anybody looking for help around the house!

Michael Shanks

The cleaners were very nice and were easy to instruct on how I wanted the cleaning to get done. They did everything they promised and I was very satisfied with the job they did. They even brought all their supplies which were nice. 

Patrick Lynch

What are our advantages? 

We use only high-quality, safe cleaning products and professional equipment for regular and general VIP cleaning apartments. In order not to damage the expensive surface, we first test the product. The calmness of our clients is the main priority in our work.
The advantages of working with us are the following:

You can find out the cost and order elite cleaning services in NYC using the application form on the website or by phone. You can also arrange an express check-out service — our specialists will promptly come to you at any convenient time. 

why can you rely on Luxury Cleaning Services NYC
  • We care about your health and the health of your loved ones! 

We use only a professional eco-line of hypoallergenic cleaning products. They are completely safe for children and animals. We can provide all the certificates for professional chemistry! 

  • We value your time! 

Our cleaners are punctual and responsible as much as possible. There are no delays!

Dedicate time for yourself and your family while we do our job! 

    • It’s safe with us! 

    Do you have expensive marble, tile, or exclusive sofa upholstery? We test your surface first before Cleaning and only after that apply the proper detergent.

    • Only experienced cleaners 

    Only qualified, neat, and tidy cleaners clean your premises and are ready to answer all your questions with pleasure. So you can easily trust whoever comes to your home from our company. 

      Our customers want to spend money wisely. Also, they want to know how much it costs to clean a luxury house. Luxury cleaning will not impress you with its high cost. The price depends on the complexity and size of the object, the amount of work.

      The demand for VIP cleaning is growing. Complex Cleaning of a high-class house is a service that is relevant both for wealthy customers and average-income people.
      Ordering elite cleaning services is a quality choice that will be paid off.

      You deserve to let yourself the luxury of total cleanliness and proper treatment of valuable and special things for you.