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The best home cleaners NYC has to offer!

  • Only Luxury Cleaning Service in New York Definitely, it’s a high-quality cleaning center in Manhattan from Luxury Cleaning NY Company, which high reputation is approved by positive customer reviews. Having tried our service, you will stay our constant customer, because you will get a perfect cleaning of your apartment, a house or an office.

What Customers Are Saying About Luxury Cleaning Services New York Cleaning Services:

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The high end cleaning service NYC
Any kind of cleaning services in New York city area.

Maids service in NYC

When you think about new york maid services, you won’t find a more dedicated and professional company.
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Green Cleaning NYC

Green cleaning techniques and products avoid the use of chemically reactive and toxic cleaning products.
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Office Cleaning NYC

Сlean office - the guarantee of health and productivity of your employees. Order best office cleaning!
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Apartment Cleaning NY

We are the most trusted apartment cleaning service in Manhattan. And any of our clients can prove it!
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House Cleaning NYC

We can make any house perfectly clean! So you can enjoy cleanliness and comfort of your house.
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Housekeeping services

The most professional cleaners are ready make clean even the most dirty place in Ney York City.
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Cleaning company or a staff cleaner?


What is the basic difference between the services of the professional cleaning company and what the staff cleaner can offer you? For Residences You may need both single residential cleaning service (after renovation, huge celebration) and periodic (from 2-3 times a year to several times a week) for cleaning cottages or apartments. Residential cleaning services … Continue reading “Cleaning company or a staff cleaner?”

What is the difference in cleaning fees and what types of cleaning exist? What type of cleaning is better to choose?


It is always pleasant to see cleanliness at home and at work. But more often we are so busy that it is impossible to spend even few minutes on cleaning. And at the office, as a rule, specially employed people take care of cleanliness. But do they always perform their duties qualitatively? In this article … Continue reading “What is the difference in cleaning fees and what types of cleaning exist? What type of cleaning is better to choose?”

Luxury Cleaning Service in NYC – Manhattan, How the cleaning is held and what do you receive as a result?


As a whole, standard apartment cleaning occupies no more than 3 hours. The duration of general cleaning of apartment, eco-cleaning or cleaning of apartment after the renovation or cleaning of apartments when moving in / out is individual, but on average it takes 5-6 hours. However, we ask you to take into account that the … Continue reading “Luxury Cleaning Service in NYC – Manhattan, How the cleaning is held and what do you receive as a result?”

Maid Cleaning Service in NYC: Manhattan

Every self-respecting company is trying to maintain its status, the status of everything, including cleanness of the office. Have you ever wondered how clean is your room? Each office is, above all, one big team, one big family. Which, in turn, produces a lot of a litter, and there is no time to clean it all up as there are more important things. You have no chance to allocate the time for such a hassle. And here we come to help, the best cleaning service in New York city and Manhattan! We will make sure that your office will always be clean and comfortable as we provide many types of services, among which the most common are: cleaning when moving into a new house; general cleaning; spontaneous cleaning; disinfection; cleaning after corporate events. Do you have general cleaning on arrival? We can provide you the best maid service cleaning in New York city. Also their maid cleaners services we redistribute and Manhattan. Leave it to us and you will not regret. Perhaps you've done repair and everything is in the dust? For us it is not a problem, our cleaning service nyc easily copes with this task. Everything will be cleaned quickly and efficiently and in confirmation of the truth of our words, we have reviews of our satisfied customers.

Advantages of our cleaning service in New York and Manhattan: availability, nice price, shortest deadlines, advanced technology and skilled workers, who use only professional deep cleaning chemicals, but at the same time, they are absolutely safe and environmentally friendly. American eco-chemistry is mostly used. Cleaning services in New York and Manhattan city can be provided either one-time or on a long-term basis. If you have once used our services and would like to order them again - you will get a discount. Professional house cleaning service in nyc or Manhattan can help you reduce the time and the efforts that you would have spent on cleaning.

In order to get the correct calculation of the cost of the services, our managers will come to your house and discuss all the important details: the amount of cleaning supplies and other items. We care about our customers and take into account your every wish so that you have only positive comments and in the future you will appeal to us again. All you need is to call our customer service and order cleaning campaign. We will be happy to help your place shine because of cleanness very soon.