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Do you have an office or commercial area and want it to be your company’s face (the clean face!)?

Or maybe you’re the owner of the premises, and they must be maintained in good condition?

Our luxury commercial cleaning services will be useful.


commercial cleaning services in NYC by Luxury Cleaning

Whether you are running a small or large business in NYC, you’re surely aware of the importance of keeping a good image of your company. Every manager knows that having a clean and tidy office area is crucial for the well-being of the business, as it is more attractive and inviting not only for business partners but also for clients. Hence, the right choice of commercial cleaning services in New York City is a top priority for many employers. 

Luxury Commercial Cleaning Service: We do our best!

Luxury Cleaning NY is known to be a leading, high quality, and one of the most reliable and reputed companies in Manhattan. We deliver only the best and most qualified services in this sphere. Plus, we are constantly trying to improve our results—to increase clients’ satisfaction and strengthen relations with them, prove our trustworthiness, provide an effective customer support service, and whatever the request is—to exceed your expectations and ensure high standards of work.

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Still, there are far more reasons to call us:

  • We’ve gained great experience in cleaning different types of commercial property: business centers, governmental and educational establishments, banks, galleries, museums, etc;
  • Our maids use eco-friendly and all-natural products only – yes, we do care about your health;
  • We offer only reasonable and competitive commercial cleaning service rates;
  • Whether you are looking for a single or daily commercial cleaning in NYC, our service will be customized to your needs.
  • Our company uses only up-to-date equipment and methods;
  • We select and train our staff so that you can be sure not only in the results but also of the safety of your property.
  • Luxury Cleaning is also a client-oriented company; that’s to say, we will please you with discounts in case you are our constant client;
    We’ve also introduced a quality cleaning control system to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

So, don’t waste your time, call us and save not only your precious time but also check our low and affordable commercial cleaning rates and unmatched high-end service, results, and customers support.

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You indicate the location of your commercial premises, choose the date, and we will arrive right there on time.
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We guarantee a quick and professional cleaning process for your office or some other types of premise.
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Your employees, coworkers, and you shouldn’t worry about anything, because we will take good care of your premises.
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Commercial cleaning provided by Luxury Cleaning New York is always done at a high and professional level.

Daily complex cleaning and weekly cleaning of offices allow to lower the number of allergic diseases among employees of the company, and also prolong the lifetime of surfaces, which is very important in areas with high traffic of people. For example, with professional care, the term of exploitation of premises and upholstered furniture increases at least 30 %, and the service life of a covering for a floor extends 4-5 times. 

The commercial cleaning service can include cleaning of home decoration, office equipment, elements of decor, doors, walls, floor cleaning, service of carpet and textile coverings: dry cleaning, stain removal, polishing of surfaces from various materials, maintenance of sanitary premises, gathering and throwing out garbage, maintenance of cleanliness of all serving surfaces: trash bins, shelves, table-tops, furniture accessories, glass surfaces, home decorations, a decor, and many other things.

General cleaning of commercial premises can include a deep cleaning of flooring, wet carpet cleaning, wet cleaning of interior objects, elements of decor, doors, walls, careful cleaning of all surfaces insanitary premises.

Without any exceptions, we will carry out individual tasks concerning the cleaning of an office, a restaurant, a bar, a salon, and other commercial premises.

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Your employees and clients will be surprised with the perfect cleanliness of your office, shop, gym, or another premise after we perform commercial cleaning services in NYC there! Just book it, and then enjoy it!


If you order weekly or biweekly commercial cleaning services in NYC, you will get a 10-15% discount.

Entrust this job to the professionals from the Luxury Cleaning NY company! Their skills and experience, together with the best equipment on the market, allow our employees to cope with any contamination on commercial premises.