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Are you looking for housekeeping cleaning services in NYC? Luxury cleaning services are fully customizable to meet your unique needs and preferences. Affordable housekeeping services in NYC of high-quality and professional cleaners.


Housekeeping services NYC of high-quality help to maintain your home fresh and safe from bacteria, dust, and dirt. Also, we make a 10-15% discount for those customers who order bi-weekly or weekly cleaning!

Luxury cleaning NY company helps our customers have clean homes and be healthy. We make it possible thanks to the use of special detergents and equipment. Luxury Cleaning NY is the cleaning company that uses only the best detergents and professional equipment. We can ensures the organization of cleaning of any complexity. If you use our housekeeping service once, you will become our customers for many years!

Luxury Cleaning NY Advantages & Features:

Luxury cleaning check icon Who are we?

 Luxury Cleaning NY professionals are those who will clean for you and save your time and money.

Sunlight cleaning check icon What do we do?

We keep simplifying the life of NYC residents: we clean their houses, apartments, and offices. We provide high-end housekeeping services in NYC!

Sunlight cleaning check icon Our mission.

Our company cleans each corner of your home thoroughly. We form prices and additional services based on the capabilities and requests of the users.

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How does the company work?



The scheme of cooperation with our clients is quite simple. Professional cleaning begins with a call to our company. Then we calculate the cost.

Cost of work.

The cost of cleaning works depends on: 

  • the level of complexity of cleaning works;
  • how far is the object of cleaning;
  • cleaning time

The company provides regular customers with discounts! Those customers who order bi-weekly cleaning get a 10% discount and those who order weekly cleaning will have a 15% discount!

(discount applies after the First booking of a recurring appointment)

Arrival of cleaners

The company’s specialists go to the client in order to complete the tasks. They use only environmentally friendly detergents during work.

Completion of work

This stage includes:

  • inspection of the facilities by the customer;
  • elimination of the remaining defects (if any);
  • the signing of the act of acceptance of work.


You can choose the most suitable payment method including:

  • cash;
  • cashless payments – credit cards, online payments.

The cleaning quote is absolutely free!

Neat and tidy house is no longer your concern. You can order housekeeping services NYC or other cleaning services on our website. It is also possible to get operational support by phone.

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Select the date and time you’d like our Luxury Cleaning NY professional to come.

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A certified Luxury Cleaner comes and clean your apartment, house or office.

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Enjoy your clean home after

Luxury Cleaning NY service!

What advantages does housekeeping services NYC have?

Advantages of our Luxury Cleaning NY Housekeeping Services:

  • This cleaning procedure helps keep the apartment clean almost effortlessly.
  • It’s not expensive. 
  • The service can be ordered 2-4 times a month or even more regularly if needed.
  • Discounts (10-15% off price) when the customer orders bi-weekly or weekly cleaning.
  • We clean using Deep Steam Cleaning machine – Dupray (Luxury and High-End Class steam machine) which is one of the best cleaning equipment on the market
advtantages of housekeeping service in New York

Sometimes there is no time or desire for cleaning works. But at the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice the order in the house. We are going to help solve this problem!  Our professional workers are ready to clean biweekly, weekly, or even daily if this schedule is convenient for you.

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What do we include in the housekeeping services NYC?

Regular cleaning in the house means the performance of many actions that sometimes are not very easy. Moreover, it can be really time-consuming. If you order our services, you can count on the fact that we will:

  • clean glass and mirror surfaces from dust, fingerprints and other contaminants;
  • remove dust thoroughly from all accessible surfaces;
  • make the bed and fold all the clothes;
  • put all things in their places;
  • take out the trash and perform wet cleaning of the floor and baseboards.

Also, it will include the cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom. The cleaning of these premises is a little bit more complicated than in living rooms. This is because of the fact that the contamination on the surfaces of the kitchen table, sink, stove, refrigerator, bath, and toilet is quite resistant to the detergents.

But at the same time, the requirements for the level of cleanliness in the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet are much higher than in other premises.

Luxury Cleaning NY Customers Reviews

“I was impressed with this cleaning service. I working as an assistant of high profile family and I was looking for the cleaning service that provides top notch service quality. Luxury cleaning accommodated all our needs.
Definitely recommend this cleaning service.
Thank you guys.”


“They are so awesome. We hired them about 2weeks ago. They came and did a great deep cleaning, and they did everything they said they would do for the price they quoted. They just came for a second time, and did the same great job. The owner is hard working, honest, trustworthy and fair. One of the best cleaners I have ever had. You won’t be disappointed.”


“I wanted to post a thanks for the excellent work they have done, my apartment was spotlessly clean and with a pleasant smell probably due to green supplies that they use. My maid girl Mariya was highly professional and friendly, amazing job guys. Thank you!”


Housekeeping services NYC process

In order to guarantee you ideal cleanliness, we are ready to perform:

  • cleaning of the refrigerator, countertops, stove and sink;
  • washing dishes, cleaning of all accessible surfaces;
  • disinfection of toilet, shower, bath;
  • cleaning of all glass and mirror surfaces;
  • wash floors and baseboards

The final stage of our work is the removal of debris, taking out the trash, and showing the clean premises to the customer.

HouseKeeping Service by Luxury Cleaning check icon During the cleaning process, we use powerful but safe to humans and pets detergents that allow us to achieve the ideal cleanliness.

HouseKeeping Service by Luxury Cleaning check icon When you order our services, you don’t have to worry about your health and the health of your close ones.

HouseKeeping Service by Luxury Cleaning check icon Your pets also will not suffer from harmful chemicals.

HouseKeeping Service by Luxury Cleaning check icon The undoubted advantage of cooperation with us is the affordable prices for housekeeping cleaning and its excellent quality. 

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Contact us today, and we’ll prove that the house cleaning performed by experienced employees is fast, comfortable, and of really good quality!


We work quickly. Cleaning is a merciless destroyer of time, so entrust it to professionals!

Our employees will come to you at the specified date and hour.

Call us or book a service online. We will contact you and agree on the date and time.

If you order weekly or bi-weekly housekeeping services in NYC, you will get 10-15% off the price.