High-End Post Renovation Cleaning Services NYC

Repairs are useful and even necessary, but they take a lot of efforts and energy. Luxury Cleaning maid service gives you the opportunity to save your efforts and energy for something else with post renovation cleaning plan.


High End Post Construction Cleaning Services

Are you on the hunt for post construction cleaning services for your home? Luxury Cleaning should be your one-stop for cleaning needs in New York.


We know that chemicals and paints used in construction are very dangerous. They should be removed instantly together with dust, and different debris not to have a negative impact on house residents.

Our team will solve all pre/post-construction challenges with utmost care using the latest equipment and safety supplies. Our maids are fully experienced in this type of cleaning, we have already helped many customers overcome the pre/post-construction cleaning stage, and now we are willing to help you too!

We are waiting for your calls to provide you with the most affordable post renovation cleaning services NYC recommended by our customers!

Often after individual attempts to clean the apartments after a repair, there are scratches and traces on the surfaces of walls and on the floor. Thus, your new repair stops looking new, and even you don’t believe that you have just finished it. Speaking about cleaning after construction, there is nothing better than relying on professionals. All you need to do is just fill the house with that atmosphere you dreamt about for many months.

Cleaning an apartment after repair has its own subtleties. There are stains that only professional equipment and special detergents can combat. The high quality of work and many years of experience at Luxury Cleaning NY promote the fact that we have one of the most loyal costs of post renovation apartment cleaning in Manhattan, NYC.

Luxury Post Construction cleaning team includes trained experts who will make this difficult job easy.

Luxury Cleaning NY work during post renovation cleaning services in NYC

Luxury Cleaning NY offer Post Renovation/Post Construction cleaning services, including:

  • Cleaning the door knobs, tops of doors, moldings.
  • Complete disinfection of kitchens( Clean Stove Top, vacuum kitchen, etc.) and bathrooms( Dust Blinds, Window Ledges, Furniture in Bathrooms, etc.).
  • Vacuuming and dusting of all surfaces and upholstery, from ceilings and walls to floors.
  • Rainbow vacuum cleaning system.
  • Steam cleaning equipment.
  • Mild cleaning of floors, baseboards, cabinets, counters, light fixtures, appliances.
  • All glass, stone, and metal surfaces lovingly cleaned.
  • Dust removal from blinds, ceiling pipes, ceiling fans, air ducts, vents, light fixtures
  • Cabinet and desk cleaning (for offices).
  • Window cleaning, including sills, window glass and frames.

After our intensive Post-Construction plan cleaning is complete, you will be ready to unpack in a dust-free, clean environment.

We take care of our clients and have steady high standards of the cleaning of a house after renovation.

Why Choose Luxury Cleaning NY For Post Renovation Cleaning NYC?

Luxury Cleaning team provides post renovation cleaning services in New York City

Luxury Cleaning check icon Compliance with the highest cleaning standards 

Luxury Cleaning check icon Secure online payments

Luxury Cleaning check icon Bonded & Insured Maids

Luxury Cleaning check icon Quick same day  booking confirmation

Luxury Cleaning check icon Superior customer service 7 days a week & guaranteed customer support 

Luxury Cleaning check icon Trained & Background Checked Maids

Luxury Cleaning check icon 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Top Three Stages Of Post Renovation Cleaning

At Luxury Cleaning NY, we perform post construction cleaning in three most important stages:

#1 - Rough Cleaning

We start with a rough cleaning, where the goal is to remove large dust and debris particles. In this stage, we do the following:

  • Prepare the area for cleaning
  • Remove all construction waste and debris
  • Clean large areas with a vacuum cleaner, broom, or mop
#2 - Preparatory Cleaning

After removing large debris, we prepare other surfaces for cleaning. These include the bathrooms, kitchen, and other areas. We do the following:

  • Remove paint splatter and other residues from surfaces
  • Clean tiles, grout, appliances, and fixtures
  • Clean windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces
  • Wash cabinets, countertops, and sinks
  • Tidy up light fixtures, door frames, mirrors, and baseboards
  • Vacuum the floor.
#3 - Final Cleaning

Finally, we perform a deep cleaning of the entire space. In this stage, we:

  • Dust and polish furniture
  • Clean carpets, rugs, and upholstery
  • Scrub and mop hard surfaces
  • Clean windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces
  • Vacuum furniture and carpets

After this, our team will inspect the area to ensure all surfaces are clean and free from dust and debris. In doing so, we take pride in delivering a sparkling clean space for our clients.

Post Renovation/ Post Construction Cleaning Services NYC Popular Questions and Answers

Do I need to stay at home during the cleaning?

Many clients prefer to stay at home, but the majority of them prefer to leave cleaners alone to do their business.  As soon as the cleaning is finished, the manager will call you back in advance.

Do cleaners come with all the necessary equipment and tools?

Yes, the specialists have all the necessary equipment (vacuum cleaner, steam generator, floor polisher, stepladders, etc.) and detergents with them.

Do you provide cleaning services in private houses and cottages?

Yes, we provide post-construction cleaning services for all types of real estate.

Do you provide post renovation cleaning NYC throughout the NYC area?

We provide post-construction cleaning services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island. Call our manager and ask more about post-renovation apartment cleaning in Manhattan

Do you work on weekends and holidays?

 Yes, we provide cleaning services at any time convenient for you and work without days off.

How long does post construction cleaning take?

It depends on the degree of contamination and the general area of the premises. Please call us or make the booking online to provide more details about your house or apartment.

How Do You Quote Post Construction Cleaning NYC?

At Luxury Cleaning NY, we provide free, no-obligation post construction cleaning quotes. We understand that everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to their post construction cleanup. That is why we provide cleaning prices for our customers at cleaning rates page to ensure they get the exact services they need and want. Our quoted price depends on the project’s size, the cleaning’s complexity, and any additional services you may require.


How Do You Clean Fine Dust After Renovation?

We use a combination of vacuuming and dusting to clear away the fine dust after renovation. We use special HIPAA-compliant vacuum cleaners specifically designed to pick up fine dust particles.


What Is Included In Post Construction Cleaning Services NYC?

Our post construction cleaning services include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, polishing, and various other services. We also offer additional services that you can find at extra services page.


Do You Clean Up After Yourself?

Yes, our cleaners always come with their own cleaning supplies and equipment. They will properly clean up after themselves and leave your space in pristine condition.


Does Post Construction Cleaning NYC Require Any Special Equipment?

Yes, post construction cleaning requires special equipment to ensure a thorough and safe job. Our cleaners will bring this equipment, such as HIPAA-compliant vacuum cleaners, dusters, polishers, mops, and other cleaning supplies.


How can I calculate the cost of cleaning?

The easiest way is to call our manager, and he will tell you the exact cost of post construction cleaning NYC in your apartment or house. Also, you can open our booking form to check the price after you enter all your details.

How Much Does Post Construction Cleaning Cost in NYC?

The cost of post-construction cleaning in New York City depends on the size of the space needing to be cleaned and any additional services. Luxury Cleaning post construction cleaning services start at $70 per hour per cleaner.


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Why Choose Post Renovation Cleaning Services NYC
provided by Luxury Cleaning?

1. Our company offers the fullest range of post renovation cleaning services NYC that will suit any budget and personal needs.

2. Luxury Cleaning management thoroughly selects workers who are responsible, well-trained, and fully insured.

3. So, cooperation with us will produce impressive results and be safe in legal terms.

Our company stands out from our competitors in this field due to our unique features:

Post renovation cleaning services nyc Luxury Cleaning NY company

Luxury Cleaning check icon Luxury Cleaning NY has provided post renovation cleaning services throughout NYC for ten+ years. We are dedicated to providing the best quality service at an affordable price.

Luxury Cleaning check icon We have curated a team of experienced and reliable cleaning professionals who are always willing to go the extra mile for our clients.

Luxury Cleaning check icon Our cleaners are insured, licensed, and certified to provide the highest quality of post renovation cleaning services.

Luxury Cleaning check icon We offer competitive pricing that fits within your budget. We make sure to assess the project and discuss our pricing options before we begin the job so there are no surprises when it comes time for payment.

Luxury Cleaning check iconWe also use the best quality cleaning products and equipment available. Our eco-friendly, safe, and effective solutions ensure a thorough cleaning with proven results.

Luxury Cleaning Reputation

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Best House Cleaners in New York City

Best House Cleaners in New York City

Comprehensive list of Post Renovation/ Post Construction cleaning services NYC by Luxury Cleaning:

  • Our specialists will collect and remove construction debris and existing dust
  • The workers will eliminate complex stains and dirt, which can not be removed with ordinary detergents
  • The cleaning workers will also clean up all vertical and horizontal surfaces, including furniture, electronics, ceilings, walls, and windows.
  • Cleaning the doorknobs, tops of doors, moldings
  • Complete disinfection of kitchens( Clean Stove Top, vacuum kitchen, etc) and bathrooms(Dust Blinds, Window Ledges, Furniture in Bathrooms)
  • Vacuuming and dusting of all surfaces and upholstery, from ceilings and walls to floors
  • The rainbow vacuum cleaning system
  • Steam cleaning equipment.
  • Mild cleaning of floors, baseboards, cabinets, counters, light fixtures, appliances
  • All glass, stone, and metal surfaces are lovingly cleaned
  • Dust removal from blinds, ceiling pipes, ceiling fans, air ducts, vents, light fixtures
  • Cabinet and desk cleaning (for offices)
  • Besides, we will carry out aromatization in rooms to make you not feel the unpleasant smells of various paints, varnishes, and dry construction mixes.

If the apartment or house requires complex post-construction cleaning, then we follow a nine stages of professional post renovation cleaning NYC:

1. Cleaning of the rooms from small construction debris;
2. Dry and, if necessary, wet cleaning of ceiling and walls from construction dust;
3. Cleaning and washing of windows, balconies, and loggias, as well as all mirror surfaces;
4. Washing of wall and floor tiles, heating radiators, and plinths;
5. If there is furniture in the room, including upholstered furniture, we clean all types of furniture from contamination and cover it with special protective antistatic agents;
6. We perform cleaning of hard-to-reach places is with the help of professional steam generator with disinfecting effect;
7. Wet cleaning of floors of any kind. It is also possible to use special means for polishing off a parquet or a floor tile by the additional agreement;
8. Correct washing of stretch ceilings;
9. Washing and disinfection of bathrooms and toilets.
Also, we carry out dry cleaning of carpets, upholstered furniture, mattresses, and curtains.

After completing all necessary tasks, we leave a perfect purity and a feeling of freshness.

Luxury Cleaning NY offers affordable and efficient post-construction cleaning services that comply with all codes and regulations. Give your home the upgrade it deserves with our reliable and quick cleaning solutions.

Cleaning after renovation in NYC is a challenging and time-consuming task in the cleaning industry.

Even general cleaning takes fewer efforts than the procedure of cleaning up the apartment where the repair works have been completed.

Post renovation cleaning services NYC require the right approach from the cleaning workers.

First of all, a cleaning company needs to clean the premises from construction debris, and then start removing other kinds of dirt and dust, otherwise, it is easy to ruin the flooring or leave indelible stains on the walls. Only a comprehensive approach is the way to cope with this task.

The Luxury Cleaning NY can assume the duties to bring cleanliness to your house.

We carry out all points of post renovation cleaning services NYC qualitatively, quickly, conscientiously, and at reasonable prices.

We offer cleaning services for workplaces, homes, and apartments in NYC.

The area also does not matter, because our specialists come to locations in teams. It allows us to perform our work at the highest level of quality and in the shortest possible time.

When ordering post renovation cleaning services in NYC for offices, it is also worth taking into account the fact that the majority of maids do not have the necessary chemicals, detergents, and other cleaning equipment. But all the necessary equipment is in the arsenal of the workers of Luxury Cleaning NY.

Where it is impossible to cope with post renovation cleaning NYC by using usual rags and detergents, Luxury cleaning specialists will do their job.


Contact us and schedule your Post Renovation Cleaning Services NYC!

Our professionals will adjust to your schedule, come to your place, and provide you with quick and qualitative cleaning. Just book it now and enjoy the results very soon!

Don’t forget about our 10-15% discount for regular clients. Call us and get more details.

After our intensive Post Construction cleaning plan is complete, you will be ready to unpack in a dust-free, clean environment.

We take care of our clients and have steady high standards of the cleaning of a house after renovation.