These simple pieces of advice in the post will help you simplify the spring cleaning procedure, make it enjoyable, and organize spring cleaning services on your own in 2024!

Spring is a perfect time for getting rid of all useless stuff and using spring cleaning services. It’s necessary to do it in a good mood and to know a few small tricks.

Luxury Cleaning NY has discovered several spring cleaning services secrets that will help you make fresh spring cleaning easy and enjoyable. Also, this process will be safe for your health, since the supply you need for the cleaning is green and eco-friendly. Moreover, you will be able to find the majority of the things from our spring cleaning checklist at home or buy in the stores at a low price.

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cleaning the microwave


1. Clean the microwave

Just put in the oven a cup of water with baking soda and wait until it boils. This procedure eliminates odors and takes less effort to get rid of the dirt that sticks to the walls of the oven.

You can also use vinegar or lemon juice instead of soda.

spring cleaning the weindows


2. Wash windows when it’s not sunny

Wait for a cloudy day and start cleaning your windows from the dark side of the apartment. The thing is that the sunlight can dry detergents earlier than you were expecting it. That’s why you won’t have enough time to wash it so that the detergent can leave spots and stains.

Spring cleaning services Lifehacks from Luxury Cleaning NY


3. Dust apartments properly

And the thing is absolutely different from dust. Wait for a sunny day when the dust will be clearly visible.

When dusting the apartment, move around the room, starting from the highest points and coming down to the floor. So that dust does not rise up again and accumulate on the already clean surfaces.

clean the animal hair


4. Clean animal hair

It’s not an easy job to remove your pets’ hair from upholstered furniture. If you want to make fewer efforts, you will need rubber gloves. Just put them on, wet them, and start collecting animal hair.

Stainless steel surfaces cleaning


5. Stainless steel surfaces cleaning

If you want your stainless steel surfaces to shine, just mix one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and a quarter cup of hot water. Wipe the surface with this solution, rinse it with clean, warm water, and immediately wipe the water off.

Remove the dents on the carpet -  spring cleaning services


6. Remove the dents on the carpet

You will need a steam iron for that. Direct the steam flow to dents. Repeat this procedure several times. You can put some pieces of ice on these areas of the carpet. When they melt, you need to “comb” the rug in the right direction. Water makes the fabric return to its original shape.

Remove the stains from the cutting board


7. Remove the stains from the cutting board

If you think that the stains from vegetables on the board are eternal, this is not true. Rub the surface of the board with lemon juice, then rinse it with salt or with baking soda.

freshen the sink in spring cleaning services


8. Freshen the sink

In order to avoid some unpleasant odor, throw several lemon peels into the drain hole and rinse it with cold water. Professional cleaners use this technique when performing green eco cleaning services.

Knife rack cleaning -  spring cleaning services


9. Knife rack cleaning

Probably, you have never cleaned a large knife rack because the holes for knives are very narrow and inconvenient. You will quickly deal with it if you use a hairdryer to remove food remnants that could remain in the empty rack from the knives.

Ventilation grate cleaning


10. Ventilation grate cleaning

The best way to clean ventilation grates is by using some brushes with soft bristles. Air filters may need washing, but in this case, it is better to read the instructions from the device before independent cleaning

Make your bathroom shine


11. Make your bathroom shine

Every time we do spring cleaning in the house, we leave the bathroom for last. Because you know that you will need to clean the bathroom, sink, toilet, and mirror. We buy all the necessary chemicals and detergents in household stores to clean it. In turn, cleaning products can corrode the enamel of plumbing. But you can resort to some other ways to clean the bathroom safely and perfectly on your own.

To make tub white and shiny and eliminate dirt and bacteria, you can prepare the following solution. Dilute a half cup of vinegar, one cup of rubbing alcohol, and a quarter cup of baking soda in 4 liters of warm water. Put this mixture on the surface of the bath and rinse it with cold water after 15 minutes.

Shiny mirror by Luxury Cleaning NY -  spring cleaning services


12. Shiny mirror

The mirror in the bathroom always suffers from the splashes when we wash face and brush teeth. It will be bright as a brand-new one if you use black tea. It’s a straightforward and efficient method. Just brew a strong tea and wipe the mirror with it using a clean cloth.

Shower nozzle cleaning - spring cleaning services


13. Shower nozzle cleaning

Shower nozzle often suffers from the hard water, and later the water flows not in the right direction. In order not to change the shower nozzle, you can do the following thing. Fill in a plastic bag with the vinegar and put the shower nozzle into it. Fix the spout and leave it overnight. In the morning, rinse it with cold water. That’s how you can quickly fix this inconvenience.

clean a toilet brush


14. An easy tip on how to clean a toilet brush

It is also necessary to wash and clean a toilet brush. Pour half cup of baking soda, two tablespoons of salt, a quarter cup of vinegar, detergent concentrate, and boiling water into some unnecessary container. Leave the toilet brush in this solution for one hour. Then rinse it, and the brush will be like new again.

Bathroom curtain fixing


15. Bathroom curtain fixing

Sometimes you can barely close the shower curtain. The solution is simple: grease the stick, to which the curtain is fixed, with vaseline.

Now you know some secrets of spring cleaning service and cleaning won’t be “mission impossible” for you anymore!

Order spring cleaning services or clean up on your own, and have a friendly and easy cleaning!

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