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Building a house is a very difficult and expensive process. Because of our experience in the post construction cleaning service NYC sector, we know a lot of nuances about it.

Actually, building a new house in New York is possible only in two cases:

  1. The builder builds a neighborhood of private houses and you choose one that suits you.
  2. You buy a finished house and get permission for new construction. Destroy old building and build a new one in its place.

As our company has been serving the post construction cleaning service NYC segment for more than 20 years, we are partners in post construction cleaning both with the building companies and with individuals who have decided to build a new house.

In today’s article, we will see how the process of building the whole neighborhoods of private houses in New York is made and you will understand why very few people use the second type of construction of private houses.


When the district building is in the process, a builder is engaged in furnishing the area as a whole. At first, the district consists of a rugged terrain. All is done “from scratch”, namely, all communications and roads are laid, schools, playgrounds, swimming pools, gardens, shops, parks, sidewalks, stadiums are built. The whole area is in the same architectural layout and color scheme. That is, if the area has green tile roofs and you want a pink one, you should change your mind or you will be sent to the area where the architect has approved green roofs.

For those who are looking for a special self-expression, the builder has very strict limits on facades and architectural plans of buildings and also colors.

In the future, the order in the district will be maintained by the homeowners association, which will strictly cease any attempt to withdraw any of the original architectural plans. Any changes relating to the appearance of the building must be approved by the association, which, for example, may not let you repaint the facade or change the roof tiles. They can’t forbid you to change the roof but only for the same one as it was previously.

The individual building is developed in very expensive and elite districts of the city where everything is built and there is no free land. People buy land with an old building, ruin it and build a new house again.

Previously, of course, the new building plan should be approved by the municipality and then you get permission. This is due to regulations that exist in the US. Each phase of construction should be inspected for compliance with building norms and the work can be performed only by a certified contractor.

As we have have been certified contractors in the segment of post construction cleaning service NYC for more than 20 years, we know how important it is to follow all regulations of the construction. So, if you want to buy or build a new house, you should understand that everything should be on the highest level.