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After  Construction or repair, any room or apartment aren’t looking like living or working. It begins to resemble a dusty warehouse, where instead of things, for some reason, is just rubbish. Your area (house, flat, apartment) needs detailed Post Construction Cleaning after repair. You can see the effects of construction and repair work in mountains of construction waste, spots on all surfaces, construction dust and dirt, dirty windows, smeared surfaces.

Cleaning after building or construction requires:

  • Time;
  • Professional workers;
  • Special detergent


Post Construction Cleaning should be carried out carefully, since any wrong action, such as using the wrong detergent, can damage the surface

To carry out Post Construction Cleaning after Repair  you must have certain order cleaning things, items  that  need to be cleaned:

  • Firstly the room completely free of debris, down to the smallest items;
  • Then, using various devices and detergents, from the surface removes dust and dirt;
  • At this step held point cleaning: Special remove various stains, stratification, traces of cement and paint, if necessary – minor damage such as scratches on the floor;
  • Wash the windows, clean windowsills and soffits;
  • Then, provides a wet cleaning all surfaces, both vertical and horizontal, floors, window sills, doors and built-in cabinets, bathroom equipment, switches and fixtures, bathrooms.

Luxury Cleaning NYC company holds Post Construction Cleaning after repair in New York in Manhattan any premises, intended both for housing and for work, home, apartment, office, storeroom. They all have their own specific features.   Our experts take them into account when cleaning, including the choice of detergent and order of operations.

As a rule, in New York, cleaning of apartments after repair begins only after full completion of all construction works. But there are also cases when something needs to be cleaned first before repair. For example, the ceiling cleaned before painting, the same applies to the heating pipes. These services are not included in the complex cleaning after construction and repair.

With us, you can rest easy as the quality of cleaning and conservation for all surfaces and devices of your room. Book now, or call now!