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Many people ask the question, “What is the difference between regular and deep cleaning, and which one do I need?”.

In this article, we decided to tell you how regular apartment cleaning differs from a deep cleaning.

Often clients, describing their room, say something like “the apartment is not dirty”, “I have cleaned it”, “every week my assistant cleans it up”, etc.

The purpose of such statements is to reduce the cost of deep cleaning. But let’s consider whether it’s a good idea or not.


If you organize a spring cleaning at least once a month or two, you will only have to keep it clean for the rest of the time.

Any cleaning begins with proper preparation: assess impartially what things you still need and what are useless. Ruthlessly discard the clothes you don’t wear. Also, do it with books or old magazines that you will never read again. Do not keep souvenirs or little things that you don’t like or gather dust in boxes. It is not necessary to throw away valuable items. They can be given to friends or neighbors and taken to an orphanage or, using specialized sites, can be exchanged for something you need.

When you get rid of unnecessary trash, you will notice that the house is easier to breathe, and it has become more spacious. But the main thing is that the scope of work has significantly decreased because the more free space and empty surfaces, the easier it is to clean.

It is not necessary and even undesirable to do general cleaning in one day. Break the work down into stages and keep it within a few days. Also, alternate difficult and time-consuming procedures with simple ones, such as washing the refrigerator or windows, disassembling the first aid kit, or sorting photos.

Chapter 1 

How do you know what kind of cleaning you need?

How do you know what kind of cleaning you need

Sometimes we cannot correctly estimate the amount of cleaning work in the house. Therefore, it is difficult to independently determine what type of cleaning we need at the moment. But let’s try to figure it out. 


  • You need a deep cleaning when you haven’t been carrying regular cleaning out for a long time. The prolonged absence of the owner of the house or his business can be the reason for starting a thorough deep cleaning. 

According to experts, deep cleaning should be done at least once a season, and sometimes even more often. 


  • Regular cleaning is a daily process necessary to keep your home clean. This type of cleaning helps to minimize the amount of contamination before the start of complex deep cleaning. 


Tip: If you do not have the desire or time to do house cleaning vs deep cleaning on your own, order Deep cleaning services. Indicate the amount of work and the comfortable date, and for a specific payment, you will receive the desired result.

The difference between house cleaning vs deep cleaning

Chapter 2.

The difference between house cleaning vs deep cleaning

What is the difference between these two types of cleaning, and why are prices for general cleaning different from prices for regular cleaning?

The difference consists not only in price: 

  • Frequency of cleaning. Regular cleaning should be done 1-2 times a week, while it’s enough to do general cleaning only once a month. It all depends on the level of contamination in your home and personal requirements for cleanliness. 
  • Scope of work. Regular cleaning includes removing dust from external surfaces, vacuum cleaning, washing of flooring, plumbing, tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. Deep cleaning includes everything mentioned above, but some additional services include the washing of windows, cleaning inside cabinets and beds, interior cleaning and washing of the refrigerator and oven, dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture. General cleaning removes 98% of visible and invisible dirt.
  • Time. Regular cleaning will take about 3 hours, and deep cleaning will take 5-8 hours, and sometimes even more. 
  • Staff. One person (cleaner) can handle regular house cleaning, but deep cleaning requires the participation of several specialists. 
regular cleaning

Chapter 3.

What Regular cleaning includes?

What necessary things do you need to know about the regular cleaning of an apartment?

You can theoretically do regular cleaning on your own without having professional cleaning skills. But there are many details to consider. Maintaining cleanliness is also not an easy task.


What is the responsibility of a cleaner? And what can one person do during one day?

For example, the cleaning worker can wipe the dust from furniture and window sills, vacuum carpets, do wet cleaning of the floors, tidy up the kitchen area, wash the bathroom, toilet, and washbasin. 

Additionally, there may be the task of changing bed linen, ironing, and caring for plants. It would help if you did it continuously and every week to maintain cleanliness and order. 

What do you need to know about Regular cleaning?


  • Number of staff: one specialist 
  • Time: Maintenance cleaning takes up to 3 hours, depending on the area 


What is included in regular cleaning?

Maintenance cleaning in all areas: 

  • Dry vacuuming of floors 
  • Surface dry vacuuming of upholstered furniture, sofas, armchairs (without removing pillows)
  • Wet cleaning of floors and baseboards 
  • Removing dust from lighting fixtures (up to 2 m in height) 
  • Wet cleaning of window sills, radiators, and pipes 
  • Removing dust from door blocks 
  • Removing dust from accessories, interior items, design elements (up to 2 m in height) 
  • Removing dust from household appliances 
  • Washing of mirrors and glass surfaces (partitions, panels, etc.)
  • Wet cleaning of all types of cabinet furniture (up to 2 m in height)
  • Change of bed linen (not more than one double set) 
  • Removal of rubbish, replacing plastic bags in trash bins 
  • Scenting the room a bit
  • Washing of trash bins and waste storage areas


Supportive cleaning in the kitchen: 

  • Washing of dirty dishes in the sink or loading dishes into the dishwasher (not more than ten items or 10 minutes, except for pots, pans, and trays) 
  • Washing the stove, removing traces of grease 
  • Cleaning the refrigerator, microwave, oven outside 
  • Cleaning of kitchen work surfaces and kitchen apron 
  • Grease and oil stains removal (up to 2 m in height)
  • Removing dust and grease from the hood 
  • Eliminating dust from kitchen appliances 
  • Cleaning and disinfection of plumbing
  • Disinfection and wet cleaning of the place for storing garbage 


Supportive cleaning in the bathroom and laundry areas: 

  • Cleaning and disinfection of plumbing fixtures (mixers, sinks, toilets, bidets)
  • Washing of shower cabins and bathtubs
  • Washing of tiles locally, where there is contamination
  • Removing dust from a washing machine and dryer 



deep cleaning includes

Chapter 4.

What Deep cleaning includes? 

Deep cleaning is a more thorough cleaning of dirt in hard-to-reach places. It’s a complex cleaning of all surfaces and good service for homes where no supportive regular cleaning works have been done. 


Deep cleaning is suitable for you if you have just moved into an apartment, have been absent there for a long time, or have cleaned it, but not in the most thorough way. It also happens in the apartments of the elderly. 


What do you need to know about Deep cleaning?


  • The number of staff: two specialists for premises up to 100 square meters and three specialists if the premises are more than 100 square meters. 
  • Time: general cleaning takes up to 5-6 hours, depending on the area. 
  • Equipment: the departure of a car with special equipment. Cleaning company workers will bring all the tools and equipment necessary for deep cleaning. You need to call the company or order the service through the website. 


What is included in a deep cleaning?


Deep cleaning in all zones: 

  • Dry vacuuming of floors; 
  • Vacuuming of upholstered furniture inside and out (interior surfaces and structures, sleeping mattresses;
  • Removing dust from walls, upper corners, ceiling, cornices, air conditioners, the upper parts of partitions, mezzanines;
  • Wet cleaning of floors and baseboards, window sills, radiators, and pipes;
  • Removing and wet cleaning of dust from door blocks;
  • Washing of mirrors and glass surfaces to full height;
  • Removing dust from accessories, interior items, design elements, household appliances, lighting fixtures (to the full height), chandeliers, and ceiling lamps;
  • Wet cleaning of all types of cabinet furniture (covers of tables, shelves, cabinets, nightstands, furniture fronts, and other surfaces to the full height), internal surfaces of cabinet furniture (wardrobes, wardrobes, nightstands, dressers, etc., if they are empty); 
  • Removing local contamination from the walls (if covering allows or under the responsibility of the client);
  • Washing of trash bins and taking out the garbage, replacing bags in trash bins 
  • Scent room a bit; 
  • Change of bed linen.


General cleaning in the kitchen: 

  • Washing the fronts of the kitchen unit, removing traces of grease to the entire height;
  • Removing dust and wet treatment of the mezzanine of the kitchen unit;
  • Cleaning of the kitchen work surfaces (countertops, bar counters); 
  • Washing the interior surfaces of cupboards, drawers of the kitchen unit (if empty); 
  • Cleaning of the kitchen apron;
  • Removing dust and traces of grease from the hood; 
  • Removing dust from kitchen appliances; 
  • Washing the stove, removing traces of oil; 
  • Cleaning the refrigerator, microwave, and oven inside and outside; 
  • Cleaning and disinfection of plumbing 
  • Disinfection, wet cleaning of the place for storing garbage; 
  • Washing of dirty dishes in the sink (no more than ten items or 10 minutes; except for pots, pans, baking sheets). 


General cleaning in the bathroom and laundry zones: 

  • Cleaning of tiles to the full height, detailed treatment of dirt with a steam generator (if the surface allows) 
  • Cleaning and disinfection of plumbing fixtures (mix sinks, toilets, bidets) and steam treatment (if the surface allows) 
  • Washing of showers and bathtubs 
  • Removing plaque and scale 
  • Ceiling cleaning
  • Cleaning in the laundry area, cleaning of dirt from the washing machine and dryer


After the deep cleaning, we will offer you a regular maintenance cleaning. Probably, nowadays everyone visits beauty salons and fitness clubs. So, maintenance cleaning from a Luxury Cleaning NY company is like a beauty salon for your home. To make your home delight you with coziness and shiny surfaces, you need to achieve that “cumulative effect of cleanliness”. 


Bonus Chapter

Why our company recommends choosing house cleaning vs deep cleaning 

kitchen cleaning checklist by Luxury Cleaning NY

Deep cleaning in an apartment is rather voluminous and not always a simple process. But we recommend you decide to order this service to see how you can transform your home.

There are so many surfaces, furniture, items, and places that you need to clean. But the kitchen is probably the most challenging zone for cleaning and takes the most time.
These are the most places that require soaking (sometimes more than once), special alkaline detergents, patience, and special skills.

Upholstered furniture (sofas, armchairs, chairs, mattresses) and carpets in the process of an excellent general cleaning should also be cleaned either with a dry vacuum cleaner and a steam generator subjects to wet cleaning (at the discretion of the client). Still, in any case, they must be processed.

And this is not a complete list of those works that a client cannot do correctly and in a short time.

The result of deep cleaning will persist for a long time. Regular maintenance of cleanliness, carrying out everyday routine cleaning is a guarantee of cleanliness in your home. Moreover, regular cleaning will cost you much less than deep cleaning.

The list of profound cleaning works is quite extensive. It takes much time to be more profitable and practical to use a cleaning company’s house cleaning services. Of course, you can cope with such work on your own, but this will take a lot of time and effort. In any case, the choice is yours!
Clean air is the key to excellent health and mood.

Luxury Cleaning NY company strongly recommends spending your free time with relatives and friends. At the same time, we take care of your comfort and cleanliness of the house or apartment!

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