What is a steam cleaner? How does it work?

How does steam cleaning work? This question arises because few people clean the apartment for their pleasure. You often have to clean on weekends, this process takes a lot of time, and you get tired of cleaning. That’s why busy residents of big cities are increasingly choosing to clean up with a steam cleaner. After all, it is a much more convenient way to clean the apartment up in comparison with a broom and even with a vacuum cleaner.

benefits of commercial steam clearner

Purpose of the commercial steam cleaner

A steam generator for cleaning an apartment is a type of household appliance that uses electricity to convert water into steam. This cleaning unit has numerous advantages over many other devices with similar purposes. The steam cleaner has many valuable functions. It is designed to clean the house, clothes, and furniture while using only steam.

The steam cleaner lets you eliminate difficult stains on furniture and carpet. If you know how does steam cleaning work and use a steam generator, there is no need for any household chemicals. This device can eliminate dust in hard-to-reach areas. Hot steam makes its way into any cracks and cleans almost any surface. It can also sterilize the premises, and the surface becomes disinfected.


function of steam cleaner


The functions of a steam cleaner 

There is a list of several functions of the steam generator:

  • It removes stains on carpets so that their structure remains intact;
  • Steam cleaner eliminates greasing on furniture;
  • This device cleans the car interior;
  • The steam generator helps carry out sanitary processing of cages or houses for pets;
  • Steam cleaner washes the floors;
  • It eliminates mold and harmful insects;
  • You can clean chrome products in the bathroom with a steam cleaner.


benefits using steam cleaning machine

Benefits of deep steam cleaning

How does steam cleaning work with maximum benefit? We have listed the main advantages of a steam cleaner:

  • It cleans without the usage of chemicals;
  • The steam cleaner has low consumption of electricity and water;
  • It works fast.
how steam cleaning works?

How does steam cleaning work, and how to use it to clean the apartment?

Steam cleaners work by heating water, which is converted into steam. And for this purpose, a unique heating element is provided in its design.

Depending on the model of the steam cleaning machine, the time from when the liquid enters the tank until the moment when steam appears may differ. The manual steam generator can work just 3-5 minutes after filling it with water.

The specificity of a steam cleaner designed to clean an apartment is that you can change its nozzles. They usually come with a set. But you can also buy the nozzles separately. Since the unit has additional devices, it can handle different surfaces.

NOTE! If the steam generator model is of high quality, it must have a steam supply regulator or blocker. And it should also have the ability to store nozzles directly in the device.


types of steam cleaning machines

Types of equipment

There are steam cleaners for professional, household, and universal purposes. They are also divided into manual and floor-type devices.

Manual steam cleaner

The handheld steam cleaner is compact. It is easy to use and store. Typically, these units are inexpensive. They resemble an electric kettle, to which a hose and nozzles are fixed. The manual model of the steam generator makes it easy to tidy up hard-to-reach places.

Floor steam cleaner

Floor steam cleaners are well suited for general cleaning. Unlike manual steam cleaners, floor steam generators have high power and a large water tank capacity.

Steam cleaner without boiler

In steam generators, dry steam appears when cold water enters a heating element. How does steam cleaning work in the case of a generator with a boiler? You can clean with such a device immediately after the start is made. Therefore, it is an ideal tool for cleaning a room quickly.

Steam cleaner with one boiler

It is possible to clean surfaces using such a cleaning unit ten minutes after the steam has entered the device’s nozzle. These types of steam cleaner models are suitable for long-term use. After all, they can be refueled with water during operation.

Steam cleaner with two boilers

This type of equipment pumps cold water. The liquid is heated in a particular element and enters another tank. Such a steam cleaner is well suited for everyday cleaning.


Steam Cleaning NYC - how to use steam cleaner correctly?

How to use the device correctly? 

How does steam cleaning work on different surfaces? Depending on the model, a modern steam generator can perform various functions.

Professional-type units are suitable for general cleaning in premises with a large area. They are also ideal for many other tasks.

Using a steam cleaner, you can perform many procedures:

  • Washing windows, mirrors

Due to the use of a rubberized nozzle, you can easily remove dust and accumulated dirt on the glass surface. Mirrors and glass items, treated with the help of hot steam, become perfectly clean. After you treat the surface with moisture, it is unnecessary to wipe it.

  • Cleaning upholstered furniture

Stains on sofas and armchairs can be removed with a steam generator with a special nozzle. But it would help if you vacuumed dry your upholstery before steaming it.

  • Treatment of pillows and bed linen

steam cleaning pillows and sofas

A device is an effective tool for the elimination of parasites. With its help, you can qualitatively disinfect pillows and linen.

NOTE! If there is a chance that dust mites have wound up in the bed, then the items should be steam cleaned on both sides. You should process the mattress for at least 5-10 minutes.

  • Cleaning carpets and rugs 

cleaning carpets with steam cleaning

The efficiency of this procedure is high. Carpets become fresh, soft, and perfectly clean.

  • Washing surfaces in the kitchen and plumbing in the bathroom

Over time, plaque and mold appear on tiles and plumbing. You can get rid of them if you use the thin nozzle of a steam cleaner. You will remove soap and plaque on plumbing if you do a hot steam treatment. After you carry out the procedure, do not wipe the surfaces. They should dry naturally.


Precautionary measures


Precautionary measures

It may break down if the steam generator is operated incorrectly and inaccurately. In particular, you may deform the housing or the cord.

Please note that this type of equipment is susceptible to chlorine water. That is why, for example, the ironing sole, electronics, steam regulator, or steam relief valve can fail. And therefore, manufacturers advise filling the steam cleaner tank with distilled or filtered water.

NOTE! It’s essential to clean the scale with citric acid. You can also use store-bought chemicals. If you cannot fix the damage yourself or do not know how does steam cleaning work, then you need to contact the service center.

 Tips for choosing the steam cleaning device 

Before buying a steam cleaner for your home, you need to study the following characteristics of the equipment carefully:

  • Power

This indicator determines the rate at which water is converted to steam. The large capacity of the unit allows you to get the job done faster. If there is a power regulator, then it is always more comfortable to work with it.

  • The volume of the liquid container

The capacity of the tank determines how long the unit will work and how does steam cleaning work in general. Usually, a manual steam generator is less spacious.

  • Steam pressure

If the pressure is low, the unit gets rid of old dirt stains. The optimal pressure indicator of the steam generator is 5-6 bar.

  • Cord length

The optimal size is a length of at least 16 feet.

  • The material from which the body of the steam cleaner is made

This characteristic affects the weight and strength of the equipment. The device with a metal body weighs more. However, it has a large margin of safety. Manufacturers use aluminum, plastic, and brass steam generator body.

  • Safety valve

This element is necessary for the unit to work safely. When the user forgets to turn off the steam cleaner, it stops working by itself, thanks to this valve.

  • Dimensions and weight of the unit

These indicators are critical. When the unit is not heavy, it is not difficult to carry it from place to place. Also, there is no problem finding storage space for a smaller device.


What steam cleaner do we use, and how does steam cleaning work at our company?

We use the most affordable steam cleaner from the steam appliance leader, Dupray. It is a multi-purpose cylinder steam cleaner with a minimalist design and quiet operation. The steam volume in the Neat Steam Cleaner is powerful. It has superheated steam of 275°F.

different options to make nyc steam cleaning by Lxuury Cleaning

The floor nozzle is provided with three microfibre pads and a microfibre cloth that can be attached to it. With this design feature, you can connect any large enough piece of fabric to the floor nozzle, so you don’t have to struggle to replace the pads. Meanwhile, the microfiber cloth is also suitable for drying any water from the detergent.

we use

The triangular hand nozzle comes with a microfiber cap that helps enhance heat and dirt removal. It is helpful for such tasks as steaming upholstery. There is a durable and comprehensive mop tool for glass or smooth surfaces. Two extension tubes keep all surfaces clean. Also, there is a special nozzle suitable for small brushes, namely five brushes with nylon bristles and one with brass bristles.

So if you wonder  -“How does steam cleaning work” and whether it’s worth it to do it on your own, call Luxury Cleaning  NY company for a free consultation and order steam cleaning services.


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