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Do you have a busy and active lifestyle where there is no place for cleaning?

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residential cleaning services nyc
Nowadays more and more people tend to buy expensive cars, antique things, works of art, huge and fashionable apartments/ houses. So, when it comes to saving one’s image, any person will pay a great deal of attention to even the slightest detail. You know how they say “Your home is your castle”, what is more – it is a reflection of you – your tastes, interests, habits – it shows how careful, responsible and organized you are. Is it true for you? Then, you are at the right place, at the right time – a local New York city residential cleaning services will gladly help you keep it impeccable. As our company does understand that with such crazy pace of modern life, it becomes too difficult to find time not only for oneself, but for friends and family, and that’s not to mention time for keeping your residence clean and shiny.

So, are you having one of these problems?

  • “We need a maid!  My life has become too busy looking after our children and we need some extra help with our household chores so that we can dedicate a little more time to ourselves”.
  • “I want to free up some hours during my weekends to be able to spend some more time with my friends.”
  • “I do love a clean, fresh and healthy atmosphere of my house. But, unfortunately, I do lack time due to my busy lifestyle.”
  • “I’m planning a party at my flat (vacation house), but my dwelling is a total mess. I need it to be done quickly and efficiently.”
  • “We want our place to be thoroughly cleaned and make it look fresh and renewed.”

Surely, you have faced such issues. And we have found out the solution – residential cleaning services at Luxury Cleaning company. All you need to do is just schedule or order residential cleaning services ( New York city LC office) and wait for our quick response and our immediate actions.

residential cleaning services nyc

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Our well-trained cleaners will take care of your apartment using professional equipment and certified detergents 

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And now it’s time to estimate the results! You can relax and entrust everything connected with cleaning to us

residential cleaning nyc
On our part, we guarantee:

  • Effectiveness;
  • Reliability;
  • Quality;
  • Attentiveness;

And those are not empty words, as our experts deliver healthy and clean atmosphere to every apartment. The key to our success is putting our customer’s requests on the first place, using only eco-friendly cleansers and advanced technologies – all this makes our nyc residential cleaning service one of the best and called- for in whole NY!

You shouldn’t overestimate your powers after all care of the cottage differs significantly from the apartment cleaning. Cleaning of spacious premises of the house demands a considerable quantity of time, efforts and special facilities from the hostess. By the way, products bought in usual household shops may be ineffective.
To choose the right detergents, it is necessary to understand materials which were used for interior decoration of the house, furniture, and other household items.
The Luxury Cleaning NewYork Company perfectly understands all the complexity of the cottage cleaning and offers its services to restore and maintain the proper level of cleanliness. You will definitely estimate the delicacy and professionalism of our employees who are careful with all furnishings of clients, using the most effective methods of cleaning.
Our company has all the spectrum of the necessary equipment, highly effective detergents. Individual requirements of clients are always considered when providing services for cleaning houses and cottages.
Luxury Cleaning NewYork professionally carries out general, single, usual cleaning, and also complex residential cleaning.
Living in a country cottage is an undeniable advantage. The closeness of nature, pure air – all of this certainly gives health and completes strengths. However, along with all advantages, there are also some difficulties and lucky beggars-owners of country habitation, undoubtedly, are initially ready for them. We are talking about proper care of the cottage: providing of cleanliness. Cleaning of a country house is a very hard task. If you have enough time, powers and desire, it is possible, of course, to provide order and cleanliness in a country house on your own. Otherwise, you should still pay attention to the services provided cleaning of houses and definitely use the given kind of service and order country house cleaning in Luxury Cleaning New York.

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Now it’s your time to get a qualitative cleaning that you deserve. Everything will be done quickly and on the level. We also have a special 10-15% discount for weekly and bi-weekly orders of Residential cleaning services NYC.

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