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Professional cleaning company in Manhattan: your “what”, “where”, and “how” questions will be answered.

It has long been known that our health depends on many factors. Probably no one will deny that our health depends a lot on the cleanliness of our homes. Dust and various types of pollution do not contribute to good health and good mood. The dirt that builds up irritates and, over time, can affect your health and spoil surfaces. But everyone always wants to wake up in the morning and go to bed in the evening surrounded by cleanliness and freshness. Just like you want to visit a neat store, meet friends or a loved one in an awesome restaurant. There are, of course, many more such examples. Yes, it is nice to live with pleasure in an environment of cleanliness and order. But maintaining cleanliness can be not that easy. It requires daily cleaning.

In addition, the general, comprehensive cleaning can’t be ignored too. Also, washing windows, facades, whitewashing, etc., are necessary. The list will be extended. But few have the time to clean all this up on their own. Over time, we came up with the Manhattan cleaning service market that simplifies our lives.

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Our cleaning company offers cleaning apartments, houses, business premises, offices, and various technical rooms. We cover the majority of cleaning requests. The size of the premises does not matter. And this is not the limit because the company is constantly expanding its range of services.

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Best House Cleaners in New York City

Best House Cleaners in New York City

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The most professional cleaning team in NYC

The Luxury Cleaning NY company offers only professional Manhattan cleaning services. Our employees are the best in their branch. These are specialists who underwent appropriate training and had many years of experience in cleaning. We were able to gather the best specialists and form a team. We assisted them with modern equipment, cleaning products, and proper management.

It is noticeable that every vacancy in our company is under control. The selection procedure is pretty strict, which guarantees the presence of only real professionals. The main qualities of our company’s services are accuracy, precision, punctuality, accessibility, and the ability to clean your premises perfectly in two or three hours.

You can see the complete list of services on our website! Our worker’s clean houses, offices, apartments, stores, and other premises at very affordable prices. All information about our cleaning company is trustworthy and reliable. We want the whole of Manhattan to know and love us for the professionalism and accessibility of our services. After all, price and quality always go hand in hand. We understand how important it is when the service is provided qualitatively and inexpensively. We always take into account the capabilities of our customers. Given the severe approach to work, it is safe to say that our company deserves attention.

The company is ready to provide the highest quality services. We researched cleaning in New York and now know what customers need and which aspects of cleaning they value.

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The approach is individual. The level of complexity does not matter!

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Our employees can deal with any level of complexity of contamination. We accept any challenge. Therefore, do not give up if you think that everything you do to clean your home up does not bring any results. 

We can find a solution to any situation! Our professionals follow the principle of an individual approach to each case. We understand that the rhythm of modern life is not easy and requires valuing every minute, so we do everything to save your time. That’s why our cleaning company is out of competition in Manhattan. 

Saving your time is the most valuable resource, so entrust home cleaning to our professionals!

Apartment Manhattan cleaning service include:

Luxury Cleaning Services Manhattan- bedroom and living spaces

Bedroom & Living spaces

  • Removal of dust from furniture, carpets, and other surfaces
  • Wet cleaning of all horizontal surfaces, including floor
  • Wiping all available electrical accessories (switches, sockets, lamps, etc.)
  • Dry cleaning of the entire apartment, including furniture
  • Cleaning of varnished surfaces, tiles, plastic, etc.
  • Garbage removal after cleaning
Luxury Cleaning Services Manhattan- kitchen cleaning in nyc

Kitchen spaces

  • Cleaning of the kitchen, including tiles
  • Express cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Cleaning of microwave, stove, and other large electronic appliances
  • Cleaning of countertops.
Luxury Cleaning Services Manhattan- Bathroom cleaning service nyc

Bathrooom spaces

  • Sanitary ware disinfection in the bathroom
  • Cleaning of the bathroom, including tiles
  • Cleaning of toilet, sink, tub, and shower
  • Mopping the floor
  • Polishing of mirrors and chrome surfaces
  • Emptying trash cans 

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Why us?

What guarantees do we provide?

Luxury Cleaning check iconWe take care of your property.

All our cleaners are meticulous regarding our clients’ property. But if something goes wrong through our fault, we guarantee compensation at our own expense.

Luxury Cleaning check iconWe use professional tools and equipment.

We choose the world’s leading manufacturers of cleaning equipment. Such equipment can powerfully clean even the most difficult contaminants and not damage the surface.

Luxury Cleaning check iconWe clean in all hard-to-reach places.

There are always places that are difficult to clean because of their location. For us, these places have never been a problem — we tend to be everywhere. And before cleaning, we will be sure to agree with you where you can wash and where not.

Our top cleaning services:

Luxury Cleaning Services Manhattan - bedroom and living spaces

Manhattan Apartments Cleaning

We can provide you with this service once in a while or regularly. In such cleaning, professional cleaners wipe all available electrical accessories (switches, sockets, lamps, etc.). Then they clean carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture with a vacuum cleaner. After that, they perform wet cleaning of all horizontal surfaces, including the floor.
In the kitchen, in particular, cleaners wash household appliances and the place for washing dishes. Sanitary ware is disinfected in the bathroom. In general, depending on the area of ​​the premises, maintenance cleaning takes about two or three hours.

Luxury Cleaning Services Manhattan - cleaning after Renovation

Cleaning After Renovation

One of the most extensive Manhattan house cleaning services is cleaning up after repairs. Usually, in such cases, a team of several employees performs the service. This service includes the removal of the bulky garbage and wiping walls, ceilings and floors. We also do washing and cleaning of all available horizontal and vertical surfaces. In the end, we remove persistent stains from the paint.

deep cleaning includes

General cleaning and disinfection

The work within this service is very similar to the previous service. But there is a difference between cleaning after repair and general cleaning. In the process of general cleaning, cleaners pay special attention to each of the house’s rooms.
This service includes a thorough cleaning and washing of all appliances in the apartment. We wash the floor, windows, mirrors, and other glass, metal, wooden, and plastic household items.
Depending on the house area, general cleaning can take about 4-5 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to place an order for Manhattan cleaning service?

To ask any questions, please leave a request or call our office. It is better to call in advance (at least a day or two before the desired performance of services), but it is possible to order same-day cleaning. Our office accepts orders every day without day-offs.

Who works for your company, and how much can these people be trusted?

Only reliable people work at our company. Our employees have many years of experience in the field of cleaning. They have undergone different professional pieces of training and workshops. Most of our employees have been working for us for many years.

When selecting new staff, we prefer candidates with recommendations and work experience. Beginners work with experienced workers for a long time, which allows us to assess their abilities and professional skills.

What is included in the cost of our Manhattan cleaning service?

The cost of cleaning includes salaries of cleaning staff, the cost of professional equipment, chemicals for cleaning, overalls for technical staff, and other fees.

What Customers Are Saying About Luxury Cleaning Services NYC:

“Luxury Cleaning company was amazing! Very hard working and thorough. They made my home look fabulous! I’ll recommend them to all of my friends! Thank you!”

Amber Huffman

My experience with this company was above and beyond my expectations. Andrew from Luxury Cleaning NY was polite, professional, and went straight to work I would recommend Luxury Cleaning to anybody looking for help around the house!

Michael Shanks

The cleaners were very nice and were easy to instruct on how I wanted the cleaning to get done. They did everything they promised and I was very satisfied with the job they did. They even brought all their supplies which were nice. 

Patrick Lynch

Our Advantages 

Why do our customers choose cleaning service Manhattan from a Luxury cleaning company?

Luxury Cleaning Services Manhattan - Apartment Cleaning Services in NYC
  • Quality same-day cleaning
  • Experienced staff
  • Professional equipment
  • Eco-friendly cleaning chemicals
  • Cleaning in Manhattan at affordable prices
  • We make this world cleaner by getting rid of dirt!
  • For many years we have been setting the level of service in the Manhattan cleaning service market.
  • Numerous satisfied customers have entrusted us with cleaning up their homes, apartment, or office. 7 out of 10 clients become our regular customers or at least order cleaning again
  • More than 2,200,000 square feet have already been cleaned up. It’s like the area of ​​almost 40 football fields.
  • We can clean up any mess in any room.

If you still have doubts about whether to become our client, here is a discount for you! Each new client of Luxury Cleaning NY receives a 10-15% discount (discount applies after the First booking of a recurring appointment)