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In the previous article we, as the professionals in the sphere of cleaning services ny, dealt with first three rules of professional cleaning of your house or apartments. And in this article, we will look at the next rules of qualitative cleaning from the specialists of the company in a sphere of cleaning services ny.

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Rule 5- Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture

It’s very important rule. And everyone who considers himself as a specialist of cleaning services ny will tell you that you shouldn’t forget about upholstered furniture while dusting the quarters. You often pay a lot of attention to carpet cleaning. You think that it is there where almost 90 % of all dust in your house could be founded. But it’s not completely true, as workers in a sphere of cleaning services ny say that a lot of dust is gathered at the surfaces of upholstered furniture. Upholstered furniture has one very unpleasant characteristic which is its ability to absorb quite a large amount of dust and it’s more difficult to get it out of upholstered furniture than of carpet. It’s already happened that cleaning the carpet is much easier for us. That’s why on behalf of all professionals of cleaning services ny we emphasize that you should never underestimate the cleaning of upholstered types of furniture such as sofa and armchair. While cleaning our house, firstly we should care about the consequences of this cleaning for our well-being. If you have enough time and desire for doing such kind of cleaning, listen carefully the next recommendations which are in this article. And if you decide that it’s better to hand it to professionals from cleaning services ny, we will be glad to help you.

Cleaning Services NY Rule 6  – It’s necessary to plan the cleaning

Clear and planned in details cleaning is one of the characteristics which make difference between the professionals in the sphere of cleaning services ny and amateurs. Imagine how your life would look like if everything in our life or specifically in New York was chaotic and spontaneous. Imagine the system of transport or business which is ruled by chaotic decisions and have no specific plan and direction. Such life would turn into something horrible. I gave this example as an argument against unplanned cleaning in your house or apartments. Remember that planned cleaning is several times more effective, quick and pleasant. As our workers in a sphere of cleaning services ny say, it’s worth planning all 4 squares separately. I mean you plan how long and by which means exactly you are going to clean this separate square of your house. It’s good decision because thanks to planning we make the work easier as we don’t worry anymore about whether we find enough detergent, have several kinds of detergents for every separate surface, don’t forget about cleaning something. If we have everything planned in details, we will not face those problems. If you call the company in a sphere of cleaning services ny, we will take responsibility for this planning.

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