Our cleaning company provides NYC cleaning services on the dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, general cleaning with departure to the client, and a wide variety of other popular cleaning services. Our employees have vast experience in this area. We accept orders of various levels of complexity from corporate and private clients. While providing NYC cleaning service, we use only professional, safe, and hypoallergenic detergents of proven brands. Thus, we provide services of high quality and with long-lasting effects. As a result, our clients can save money and time.

If you want to know what NYC cleaning services we can provide, here is the list of the main types of works of our company:

Dry-cleaning of sofas, mattresses, and upholstered furniture

When we use upholstered furniture, it can accumulate various household spots, dust, and other types of pollution. That is why sooner or later, its appearance stops making you glad and satisfied. And the dirt spoils the overall look of the interior of your home.  But in order to clean the upholstered furniture qualitatively, you need the appropriate professional equipment. Also, safe chemicals are important for proper NYC cleaning service.


General cleaning of premises, offices, houses, and apartments

We offer a complex of services for the general cleaning of premises, offices, houses, and apartments in NYC. If you have a big party or repair, you will definitely need our help. We use only professional chemicals for routine and general cleaning that allows you to get the good and long-term results of cleanliness.


Dry cleaning of curtains. Washing of pillows and blankets

Curtains are a necessary attribute of each home. They provide a sense of comfort.  But they become dirty over time and need an NYC cleaning service. It can happen that even washing will not help to return the curtains back to normal look. In this regard, you may need an NYC cleaning service. We offer to make a house call for dry cleaning of curtains. Our employees use safe and qualitative detergents, so we will not deform or stretch your curtains.


Outdoor NYC cleaning service of dusting and washing the carpets

Did your carpet get dirty? Do you have dust and odor in the room?  If yes, then you should order our NYC cleaning service of washing or dry-cleaning a carpet. It is necessary to do because dust is very harmful to your health. So, the dirt and bad smell will remain in the past.  


Washing clothes and textiles

Do you spend a lot of time and effort washing clothes? And the result is not the expected one? Or do you simply not have enough time for this? In this case, you can contact us for help. We will carry out NYC cleaning services, including washing and ironing. You will be satisfied with the results. Also, you will be able to spend more free time with your friends and loved ones.

So, do not hesitate to call us, and we will provide one of NYC cleaning services.