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Although we live in an era of the thriving service industry for every taste and budget, still a big part of residents of New York don’t trust maid service NYC.  

Well, let’s try to figure out why in the 21st century there are people who are not yet fully aware of the need for the usage of services of professional maid service NYC.

Top 5 myths about maid service NYC

Myth № 1. The good housekeeper does not need cleaners

For women often is psychologically difficult to let someone else into their territory.  Even if it is not her mother-in-law or friend but a cleaning specialist.  Despite the fact that modern women are busy with work, children and many other things, when it comes to cleaning, they become a little bit jealous.  “I will deal with everything at home, won’t I?” –  your pride says.  

You need to have the wisdom to understand that using maid service does not mean to abandon the role of keeper of your own home.

If you have your house managed by professionals, you won’t become a bad host. You will have more time for going with the kids to the park,  cooking a delicious dinner for husband and freshening up. Our company’s workers can come to you at any convenient time.  If you want to – be present, if you want to – be engaged in your own business. 

Myth № 2. Professional cleaning is a waste of money
A lot of people believe that maid service NYC is a service for the rich.  Normal people do not spend money as they don’t have enough of them.  But simple logic and elementary math prove the contrary.
We have once calculated that a person spends approximately 4 hours a week on cleaning procedures.

Think about how much you could earn during this time.  Add to this amount the sum which you spend on household chemicals and detergents monthly and you will realize that cleaning on your own is not so cheeped.
 Some companies do not count the cost of cleaning per square meter. If you want to save money, you can find such a company.  Only the number of rooms matters.  And, what is important,  we use only safe expensive cleaning products which meet international standards.  This not only care about customers, their children, and pets but also about our employees.  Because they are in contact with detergents 4-8 consecutive hours during the day.  

Myths about cleaning companies are based on people’s lack of knowledge about the structure of these services.  But all these fears vanish as soon as you use these services.  Would you also like to say goodbye to bias to cleaning companies?  

Choose the service which you are the most interested in, fill in the quote on our website or call our managers directly.  You will get a full consultation on the specifics of cleaning in your home.  We are happy to prepare all necessary to clean your home in the most appropriate time for you.  Order maid services NYC right now and saves your precious time!.

Other myths you’ll see at part 2 of this article!