For whom did we create restaurant cleaning services NYC? There is no other sphere, where people are more interested in the perfect cleanliness of the commercial and residential premises that belong to their establishments, than Hotel and restaurant service. The home comfort and coziness is the first and the most important hospitality factor for them. Let’s agree: there are only three points that are important for visitors of cafes and restaurants – delicious food, polite waiters and aesthetic pleasure.  And often the last factor lets down. After all, no matter how the manager of the restaurant tries to provide visitors with a comfortable rest, little things like a dirty rug at the entrance or stains on the sofa spoil the general impression. So, no matter how much luxurious and prestigious the restaurant is, the help of the professionals before the big holidays season and during the planned general cleaning will always be useful.

 The storefronts, furniture, and carpets in your restaurant will shine with cleanliness, and Luxury cleaning employees will be almost invisible while working.

 We provide qualitative service without interrupting the working process of the employees of the restaurant and without disturbing the guests. We know the most problematic and potentially dirty places of the hotels and restaurants and we can help you cope with it.  It could be, for example, stains after spilled wine and coffee, carpets in the rooms and lounges, facades and showcases.

 Using only safe, environmentally friendly and certified detergents, and professional equipment, our team of real professionals will cope with any degree of complexity of the pollution of the room and provide restaurant cleaning services nyc of high quality. Thanks to our hard work and experience, we will be able to help you with restaurant cleaning services nyc even in the most difficult cases.  The grateful faces of your guests and staff are our biggest reward for our hard work.


 The list of restaurant cleaning services in NYC that we can do in hotels, cafes and restaurants includes:

  • Dust removal from walls, ceilings, cornices, and ceiling niches
  • Taking out garbage up to 15 kg.
  • Washing of hard floors (tile, laminate, parquet, etc)
  • Washing of mirrors
  • Washing and wiping of chandeliers, lamps, sconces(without removing it), floor lamps
  • Washing and wiping all the exterior surfaces of furniture
  • Washing of batteries (without removing them), radiators and pipes
  • Washing sinks, toilets, bidets, bathtubs, showers, faucets
  • Window cleaning (both two sides)
  •  Polishing of doorways and blocks


 We also have the list of additional restaurant cleaning services in NYC for cafes and restaurants. It includes the following services:

  • Polishing of the outer surface of the furniture
  • Washing of large crystal chandeliers
  • Removal of adhesive tape 
  • Dry cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture 
  •  Washing of internal surfaces of ovens, grills, refrigerator 
  • Additional room disinfection 
  •  Washing of blinds 
  • Monitor the availability and change garbage bags, air fresheners, paper towels, liquid soap, and toilet paper in a timely manner
  • Washing of interior surfaces of furniture

 So, do not hesitate to call our company and order restaurant cleaning services nyc, because Luxury cleaning can clean either restaurants, or shops, or other commercial premises.