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Maid Cleaning Service NYC and Allergy

It may seem from the first sight that what can be in common between the maid cleaning service NYC and one of the most common trouble in the modern world – allergy. Allergy is a real plague of the 21st century. The residents of big cities suffer the most from this illness, and the reason for this is several factors. Number one, of course, is bad ecology. Then, poor diet and constant stress.

A lot of unpleasant moments for people who suffer from allergies can cause cleaning: contact with dust and detergents can cause worsening of the disease. How to make your home clean, comfortable and safe, but not to turn cleaning into “torture”? We asked about it the best experts of the cleaning company luxury cleaning NY.

  1. The first rule for allergy sufferers: it must be humid in your home. Humidity sensor and regular wet cleaning will help you with it. Also, we recommend buying a vacuum cleaner with a good filter which traps the smallest particles of dust. Because dust and food mites live in it, and it’s the main reason for allergy. Discipline yourself to use all of the vacuum attachments intended – for curtains, hard to reach places and furniture because dust accumulates everywhere. Your main priority in cleaning is to get rid of dust wherever it’s possible. I also advise you to review the number of non-functional things in the home: photo frames, soft toys, figurines, because they are the best “dust collectors”. You can contact one of the maid cleaning service nyc and ask for advice on professional equipment.
  1. Replace the usual detergents with organic and hypoallergenic. Pay special attention to the kitchen surfaces – the kitchen is a high risk of having mold and harmful microorganisms. Make regular “inspection” of the fridge. Wash your plumbing as often as possible, pay attention to those places where can fungus be settled. Curtain & bath mat are also at risk. And what is the most important: be sure to use rubber gloves and protective flap for the nose and mouth when it’s possible.
  1. Pay particular attention to the washing. Firstly, forget about the usual washing powder. If someone in your family suffers from an allergy, organic washing powder is the best. Wash linens as often as possible.

Of course, it’s very difficult to track all the nuances of purity concerning allergic reactions in your home. Once you remove all the areas and then because the lack of time or carelessness you may forget, for example, to clean professionally the surface of upholstered furniture from the dust. Or, for example, you can forget about that the carpet should only be cleaned with professional equipment and very carefully. Any misstep in this situation can cause various allergic reactions.

We suggest you trying to use the professional maid cleaning service in NYC where there are separate people who are engaged in cleaning of premises from dust, which is very crucial for all people with allergy.

A good maid cleaning service NYC is the best friend of the family where there are people with allergy. If you are a regular customer of qualitative maid cleaning service, you will be sure that your health and health of your loved ones is in safety.

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