VIP cleaning, or luxury cleaning, is a complex New York City apartment cleaning service. Also, you can apply this service to cottages, mansions, elite offices, loft spaces, or other luxurious real estate. You need an elite apartment cleaning service when your interior is made of natural, expensive, or rare materials that require delicate handling (such as wallpaper, parquet, laminate, etc.). 

Why is elite New York City apartment cleaning popular?

Wood, leather, glass, mirrors, natural stone, gems, original plastic elements, and memorable things, the appearance of which directly depends on the care conditions, predominate in the elite interior. Antiquities or fragile items deserve special attention. We use special detergents and professional cleaning equipment for dusting and cleaning them. And most importantly, only trained and experienced staff perform luxurious New York City apartment cleaning.

Order our elite New York City apartment cleaning in order to always keep the rooms clean and also not worry about the safety of expensive items.


What does the luxury apartment cleaning include?

When doing the VIP-cleaning, our employees:

  • remove domestic pollution, wash horizontal and vertical surfaces;
  • remove dust from walls, ceilings;
  • wash and rub glass and mirrors;
  • wash and disinfect plumbing, baths, as well as door handles, switches, sockets;
  • clean radiators, window sills, wipe all accessible surfaces;
  • remove dust from paintings, frescoes, columns, decorative elements;
  • wash tiles, parquet, laminate, lighting.


Also, it includes “VIP-wardrobe care”.

“VIP-wardrobe care” is a set of services that include washing and ironing clothes made of various fabrics. We provide special approach to the fabrics that require delicate care. For example, it can be cleaning fur, leather products, shoes, packing a suitcase, and maintaining order in the dressing room.

What is included in the range of New York City apartment cleaning services for the “VIP-wardrobe care”?:

  • sorting things before washing (by color, type of fabric, spin features);
  • machine or, if necessary, hand wash, removal of stains;
  • ironing;
  • cleaning of leather clothes, restoration of their shine;
  • taking care of fur clothes: we thoroughly dry and gently comb the fur;
  • we can pack your suitcase in the shortest possible time. We know which things need to be rolled up and which things should be put on the bottom of the suitcase;
  • cleaning up of lacquer, suede and leather shoes, as well as hats and other  accessories;
  • sorting clothes and shoes by seasons. We clean, wash and put them in special cases to keep them from moths and fading;
  • arranging things, so that you can easily find them


Service cost

We calculate the price of VIP cleaning individually. The calculation takes into account the number and condition of the interior, square footage, the type of service (dry cleaning, deep cleaning, washing of windows or chandeliers of the original design, laundry, ironing, etc.)

Contact us to order a VIP-cleaning of your apartment or house right now.  

When you order elite New York City apartment cleaning from our company, you can be sure that your house or apartment will always be in perfect condition!