Everyone knows that kitchen is the face of the owner of the home. The cleanliness of kitchen surfaces, furniture, stoves, and oven requires special attention. But do not be upset with the significant work ahead, follow our kitchen cleaning checklist.


Chapter 1 - Daily Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Usually, the very idea about kitchen cleaning spoils the mood. And the desire to abandon your daily cleaning duties appears. However, it is still necessary to clean this fundamental premise regularly and as much as possible.

The kitchen is the room that gathers contamination and dirt the quickest. All problems with cleaning in the kitchen appear because of ignorance of some essential cleaning rules.

If you are interested in making a qualitative kitchen cleaning in a simple & enjoyable way, continue reading this kitchen cleaning checklist. It will allow you to learn some helpful information.

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If you are interested in the quick and very comfortable cleaning of the kitchen, follow these simple rules from our daily kitchen cleaning checklist:

1) First of all, do the washing-up, namely clean all dirty dishes that accumulated in your kitchen.

If there is a dishwasher, use it to speed up and simplify the process. The dishes that you washed and put in their place will not be an eyesore to you and take all the free space.

So, the general cleaning of the kitchen will become substantially easier for you.

remove the garbage and trash

2) Collect and remove all the garbage before cleaning.

It is advisable to carry out this procedure as often as possible since the trash accumulates quickly in the kitchen. The remnants of food, drinks, and other garbage take up too much extra place.

Always keep your kitchen clean!)

Cleaning sponge with soap foam on top. yellow orange texture

3) Change the sponge for washing dishes regularly.

It is good to make such a replacement at least once in 3 days.

It is necessary for reducing the growth of microorganisms that gather on a sponge and can cause harm to the health of people.

remove the garbage and trash

4) Find assistants who will help you with cleaning.

General cleaning of the kitchen will be faster and easier for you if you engage your relatives, friends, and close ones in the process. ( find commercial kitchen cleaning checklist below)


Chapter 2 Helpful Life Hacks for Reducing Cleaning Time

After completing all simple tasks and preparatory stages, you can move to the essential part of cleaning. We will share a kitchen cleaning checklist with you to help reduce the time needed for cleaning the kitchen.

They are simple enough and practical at the same time. Consider this kitchen cleaning checklist with the main rules for cleaning the kitchen with your own hands.

Clean the plumbing

1) Clean the plumbing.

The limestone flare can accumulate on the sink and mixer and get into drinking water and stay on dishes.

Please get rid of it easily. To do this, you need to wet a rag with vinegar and then wipe the sink.

Then wrap the faucet with that rag so that its entire area is covered.

Leave the plumbing for a while. After an hour, remove the rag from the tap and wipe dry all the plumbing.  

Important! To polish the faucet, use paper for baking. Do this procedure as soon as the tap gets dirty.

Solution for a clogged faucet. 

This tip is nearly identical to the previous one. 

Wrap a vinegar-soaked rag around the tap’s edge. After 30 minutes, clean the hole with a toothpick.

Clean the seams between the tiles

2) Clean the seams between the tiles.

To do this, you need to prepare a toothbrush and lemon juice. You can also use citric acid.

Wash kitchen cabinets and shelves.

3) Wash kitchen cabinets and shelves.

Take a soft sponge, wet and dry cloth (for polishing the surface). It would help if you had a mixture of alcohol with water or some usual detergent. Rinse the cabinets with a prepared solution, and after that, do the same but with water. 

Important! Do not use spiny brushes and abrasive cleaning products that can spoil the facade.

Microwave cleaning

4) Microwave cleaning.  

Microwave cleaning is easier than it may seem. To do this, take a big lemon, cut it with slices, put slices into a glass, and then pour water into this glass.

Put this glass in the microwave for 5 minutes, then turn the heating on. In this case, the power must be maximum.

After that, open the microwave and wipe it with a soft cloth.


Remove fat stains from plate and oven

5) Remove fat stains from the plate and oven. 

To clean the most persistent contaminants, you will need soda.

Sprinkle the oven surface with soda, then cover it with a wet towel.

Wait for 30 minutes. Then wash the soda away and wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

fridge cleaning

6) Fridge cleaning.

You need to wash a refrigerator in the direction from top to bottom. Use soda and vinegar as independent means without mixing them.

Soda will ideally eliminate the unpleasant “fridge smell.”

Important! Place a saucer with activated carbon or coffee grounding on the shelf of the refrigerator. There will be no extraneous smells in your fridge anymore.

Mirrors and glass surfaces

7) Mirrors and glass surfaces.

Wipe the mirror with an acid solution or lemon. Polish the surface with a microfiber cloth.

cutery cleaning

8) Cutlery cleaning. 

An easy way to clean the cutlery is to make a soda bottle with water (1: 3). You can use vinegar too. Moisten a rag, wipe the cutlery, then rinse them thoroughly with water.

This kitchen cleaning checklist will allow you to always support proper cleanliness in the kitchen and clean up as quickly as possible without spending too much time.

Chapter 3 - Definite Guide on four stages of General Kitchen Cleaning

Now you are familiar with some basics. However, this is not all that you need to know before starting a general kitchen cleaning at your home.

It is also important not to forget some crucial things while performing the following four main cleaning stages:

cleaning the cabinets luxury cleaning ny

a) Cleaning in the cabinets

What should you do first while cleaning the cabinets?

Usually, cleaning starts from all lockers. It is necessary to remove all the garbage and different items from them, wipe all crumbs down, and after that wash the entire inner surface with a solution of detergent and water. 

There are also other tips on cleaning in the cabinets to which you need to listen:

  • Check out all the bulk products for finding moths and insects. If you find them, throw such products away or rinse them thoroughly and dry.
  • You can wipe the internal lockers with detergent and a solution of citric acid and vinegar with water. You can also combine these two ingredients.
  • To clean the internal surfaces of the cabinets, remove absolutely all items from there before performing work. Put items there again only after the solution with which the interior furniture was processed is completely dry.


And now, when you have cleaned all the cabinets from dust and other contaminants, you can safely begin the following general kitchen cleaning stages. Do not relax, there is still much work ahead of you)!

wipe the surface

b) Wipe the surface

The next stage after cleaning the cabinets is cleaning surfaces in the kitchen. Here we can highlight a few valuable recommendations that will allow you to make cleaning more efficient:

  • For cleaning ceramic surfaces, use an ordinary soda that you need to moisten in water to get a perfect abrasive detergent. Apply this solution to the surfaces and leave it in such a form for 30-60 minutes. Wash it with warm water afterward.
  • You can clean kitchen facades from spots, ideally using ordinary laundry soap.
  • We recommend covering wooden countertops before cleaning with flaxseed oil, which will create a thin protective layer, preventing damage to the tree with time. Further cleaning of wooden surfaces is carried out with soda or flaky salt.
  • Clean stone countertops only with a solution of household soap. To avoid the appearance of scratches and other defects, do not use abrasives.

There is an excellent kitchen deep cleaning checklist tip: right before starting cleaning the surfaces, turn off the refrigerator to provoke defrosting. This step will allow not to wait until the refrigerator defrosts since after scrubbing the surfaces, the fridge cleaning is the next stage.


fridge cleaning

c) Fridge cleaning

It’s recommended to carry out the audit of the refrigerator’s contents at least once a week.

During the general cleaning of the kitchen, pay special attention to the fridge.

For cleaning, use the following kitchen cleaning checklist, which helps you cope with cleaning quickly:

  • Check the expiration date of products in the refrigerator, throw away all overdue products, leaving only the most important and useful.
  • Take all plastic shelves and containers out of the fridge, wash them in soap solution.
  • Wipe all old fat stains thoroughly on the unit’s inner surfaces with the ammonia solution and water. If necessary, wipe stains several times.
  • Dry the washed refrigerator’s internal contents thoroughly, then return all the shelves and plastic boxes to their place.


A quick tip about refrigerator cleaning: if you feel the refrigerator’s unpleasant smell that remains even after general cleaning, put a bit of ground coffee inside. It absorbs all the unpleasant odors perfectly. Just do not forget to change it.

microwave and furnace cleaning

d) Microwave 

It is widespread that cleaning the oven and microwave is very difficult and costly in terms of temporary resources.  

However, such a cleaning becomes much easier with the right approach. So, you can clean the inner part of the oven and furnace in the following way:


  • Prepare a solution of four spoons of soda in water, pour it into the sprayer, then spray the oven and furnace’s inner surfaces with this solution, and leave it for 60 minutes. It is necessary to wash the solution out in 60 minutes. Repeat the procedure if necessary.
  • Dilute a bit of lemon juice in water, put a container with this solution inside the microwave oven. Then turn it on for 10 minutes (maximum power). After such treatment, it will not be difficult to erase fatty stains.

Bonus Chapter - Two main principles of kitchen cleaning

The last thing we do is usually cleaning the room from dust and washing floors. Thus, following the kitchen cleaning checklist that you know perfectly now, do not forget the two primary principles: 

clean the kitchen from top to bottom

1) Namely, clean the kitchen from top to bottom and clean the floor covering from a far corner towards the exit

Start cleaning from the eaves, the upper shelves, and the chandelier, gradually going a bit down to the cabinets, office equipment, chests, tables, sofas, and chairs.

Vacuuming the carpet and washing the floor are those tasks that we should always perform last. Otherwise, the dust and fine trash from the upper shelves and furniture will surely be on the floor, forcing you to clean it all again. 

Following the principle from top to bottom, you can complete cleaning for half an hour faster because it’ll not be necessary to do the same job several times. 


clean the floor covering

2) Clean the floor covering from corners to exit and always start from the back corner.

This tip will help you not forget about cleaning the most hard-to-reach places that are not that immediately obvious but very important for general cleaning.

kitchen cleaning checklist by Luxury Cleaning NY

Always follow this kitchen cleaning checklist, do kitchen cleaning regularly, and you will reach the new level of cleanliness very soon!

Of course, this kitchen cleaning checklist is not complete, so we will update it as we collect more tips. So, don’t forget to monitor the updates in our blog and check this section from time to time. We promise to very soon prepare a lot of interesting and helpful material that will help you with cleaning!
We hope you can improve the cleaning of your kitchen with our advice.

Remember that you can always choose experienced specialists to do all this work by simply contacting a Luxury Cleaning NY company!