We are the team of professionals in the field of housekeeping services NYC. Our employees will clean up your house, apartment, cottage or office. It should be comfortable and clean in every room, office, or home in general. The guarantees of immaculate cleanliness in your premises are the modern equipment and certified hypoallergenic chemistry of the best brands that are safe even for children and, of course, a professional team of employees. Building on the extensive experience of successful work, our company has an individual approach to each customer and provides cleaning services of good quality. We carry out housekeeping services with the support of reliable and effective detergents that do not have harmful chemical additives and, as a result, have no harmful effects on your health and environment.

We offer our clients a full range of housekeeping services in NYC!

According to the standard, we wipe out all available surfaces, vacuum the carpets and wash the floor in every room thoroughly.  That is why we can remove all contamination from the top down.

We will list the main stages of the cleaning process below for you to know how our employees work. The housekeeping services include cleaning the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and corridor.

Stage 1 Our employees clean up the living room. There we wipe out open surfaces, batteries, sockets, switches, mirrors and home appliances. We can do all this work in the living room in an hour.

Stage 2 In the kitchen, the workers of cleaning services wash the stove of fat, and wipe out the countertop and all the furniture from stains. In the end, we take out the garbage accumulated in the process of cleaning. In addition, we can also clean such things as kitchen utensils or kitchen aprons. The performance of housekeeping services in the kitchen takes about an hour or maybe even a little bit more if there is complex pollution.

Stage 3 The next stage is the bathroom. There the employees of cleaning services will remove the stains from the tiles with the help of special detergents. Then we will wash the sink, bath, toilet, and mirror and dust all accessible surfaces. If you have a shower cubicle instead of a bath, we will wash its walls and tray. Cleaning the bathroom takes about 40-60 minutes.

Stage 4 Then the time comes for the corridor, where we will wash the door and the shelf for shoes. Also, we can place the shoes carefully there. The average time for housekeeping services in the corridor is up to 30 minutes.

As you can see, the housekeeping services are very complex and deal with the main centers of pollution. Using housekeeping cleaning services can help you to clean up the apartment completely and enjoy the perfect cleanliness in your premises. All you need is to entrust cleaning services to the team of professionals.