Made premium cleaning services NYC have many advantages and specific features. They include cleaning of all items (antiquities too), complex furniture care, the use of highly effective detergents.  A modern, fast and safe made premium cleaning services in NYC are the best solution for those who don’t want to waste their time and energy on cleaning homes or offices.

Made premium cleaning services NYC are professional and complex services. They belong to VIP segment which includes all main types of cleaning like general cleaning of all rooms, washing of windows, dry cleaning of furniture and carpets, washing of chandeliers, etc. 

Made premium cleaning services in NYC can be provided in several directions:

  •  cleaning of small apartments;
  •  cleaning of large apartments;
  •  cleaning of cottages;
  •  cleaning of office premises, shops;
  •  cleaning after repair work;
  •  dry cleaning

 Professional made premium cleaning services in New York may differ in price, as it depends directly on the size of the room that you need to clean. But you will benefit a lot when choosing a made premium cleaning services. For example, nowadays many companies use too aggressive and sometimes unsafe detergents to disinfect and clean the premises. We, unlike some other companies, use only environmentally friendly and maximum safe cleaning products.  And because of this, you shouldn’t worry while ordering our services, even if small children live in your home. In addition, you can order some extra types of cleaning, such as thorough window washing, air disinfection, dry cleaning of furniture. Ordering made premium cleaning services is a quick solution to the problems of elite home or office that should be maintained in ideal condition. All the terms that are in the contract are strictly observed! There is no need for the homeowner to be at home during the cleaning, as we guarantee the responsibility and decency of the staff.  Also, we strictly follow the conditions of confidentiality and non-disclosure of data obtained during the cooperation with the cleaning company.

Complex made premium cleaning services have many advantages, especially for those who appreciate the high quality of everything, including cleaning in your luxurious apartment or house. Our company Luxury Cleaning Services New York made premium cleaning services NYC offers a luxury cleaning service, which is fundamentally different from the standard offers from the majority of cleaning companies. So, for whom did we develop made premium cleaning services NYC? Made premium cleaning services in NYC  will be suitable for those who care about the perfect cleanliness of the home or office and who are used to work with professionals.  


 Made premium cleaning services NYC have a number of advantages in comparison with standard or general cleaning:

  •  its main advantage includes the following: cleaning is carried out simultaneously by several people, which significantly speeds up the process and allows for better results;
  •  vip service is provided exclusively by employees with more than one year’s experience, with high personal culture and perfect cleaning skills;
  •   we pay special attention to the personal wishes of each client. Our Luxury Cleaning Services New York  made premium cleaning services NYC takes into account the preferences of the customer regarding the ways of cleaning different surfaces and choosing detergents.


 You can order Luxury Cleaning Services New York made premium cleaning services NYC in any convenient way: by phone, book online online or by leaving an application on our website.