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If your home order is too dull and routine for you, you will appreciate these simple techniques that are recommended by one of the best cleaning service NYC. So, you will make your home cleaner and more comfortable without any extra efforts and nerves.

10 ways to maintain order from the expert of best cleaning service NYC

1. It would be the best when everything in your house had its particular place.

Things that are frequently used should be at the place where they are used, and access to them should be as easy as possible. Often things accumulate on tables, cabinets, and shelves because they do not have their place in your home. Listen to what our expert of best cleaning service NYC says: if your toothbrush is always in the cup on the washbasin, you will never leave it in the kitchen. Even if you are not an extremely neat person and perfectionist in everyday life, you will surely not make this mistake. That is why excellent unique and separate place in your home for each of your things and you will be able to reduce the amount of cleaning in your home.

2. No unnecessary things in your home. Useless things are also included in the top 10 list of reasons for the mess in the house composed by the best cleaning service NYC.

The less unnecessary things get into your house, the less possible is that they will be accumulated inside. It’s nice to get a trinket or poster as a present, but will you enjoy it and use it? Or, if you fond of reading, maybe you should not buy books in dozens of volumes, should you? After all, there are many libraries and the Internet. If you like the order and cleanliness at home, take a moment to refuse the promotional messages sent by the company that makes the credit cards, and do not bring back the promotional leaflets thrown into your inbox. Try to block random objects before they enter your home.

3. Recurrence control of the order at home

Check your home periodically for the “hot spots” of mess and investigate why so many things accumulate there. For example, you notice that dishes regularly build up in the sink. Perhaps you think this is because your family refuses to help you. And in fact, it may turn out that all members of the family hate do the washing-up because every time you want to wash the dishes you need to open the closet and remove the plastic containers that are there. Every time the members of your family do it because if they don’t do this, the water will drip right on them. Once you understand what the problem is, you will be able to find the solution easily. This is what the professional, the best cleaning service NYC always does.

4. Do not buy storage containers until you know exactly why and for what you need them

Victims of the mess in the house often think that if they buy these beautiful containers for storing different things, their mess will instantly dissolve in some magic way. However, you should start to rearrange your house not necessary from going to a shopping mall. Only after you carry out the general cleaning and determine the number of each group of things and the place of their storage, you can go and buy the appropriate boxes, chests, and coffers. If you asked one of the  best cleaning service NYC employees and experts “how many containers do you need,” you would receive the answer “no more than the urgently needed amount.” Otherwise, these containers will harm by cluttering the space and making some extra mess.

5. Avoid duplicates

Why do you need three identical graders, if one greater is enough? Why do you need to store six combs and 10 cups for coffee? Getting rid of duplicates is one of the easiest and the best ways to prevent blockages and mess and maintain order in the home. Before you buy something new, get rid of the old one. Before the purchase of a new Plasma TV, think of where you are going to store the old one.

6. Beware of the nostalgia

If you are a loving parent, it’s not so easy to throw out your child’s creations, whether it is a drawing from a kindergarten or a cardboard castle the size of a cooler. But if you do not want to let the mess be at home, you will have to solve it. Choose only your children’s best creations for preservation and take photos of those which are difficult to preserve. Choose what you want to have in 30 years: a picture of the castle or a castle that is full of mice and mosquitoes. According to the leading best cleaning service NYC, nostalgia is the reason for more than 20% of the sunken rooms, wardrobes, and cabinets.

7. Trash in your wardrobe.

Rule 80/20 is valid for wardrobe: During the 80% of the time, we were only 20% of our clothes. Revise the wardrobe of all family members at the end of each season. Find clothes that do not suit you or have a wrong size. Give it to the charity organization. The fundamental principle of cleaning the space around you is to get rid of things but not just to move them from place to place.

8. Look for simple decisions to maintain the order in your house.

Very often the most simple solution can be found to stop the horrible mess. A simple garbage bin near the workplace will allow you not to spend the whole afternoon scraping off of pieces of paper and candy canes on your place of work.

9. Individual Kits

Buy multiple transparent boxes. Buy bags and use them for the collection of all the elements needed for a particular task. For example, you can create a set for shoe care, a weekly self-care kit, a handmade set, etc.

10. Follow the schedule.

Some rooms, for example, kitchen, require daily cleaning. Other tasks can be performed on a weekly or monthly basis. When it comes time to clean up, for instance, wardrobes, follow a systematic approach. Collect all things in one place. Sort them into two parts: those that you need constantly and those that you do not use. Be patient. This process is not fast. If you expect to finish in two hours, be ready for four hours.

So, if you do not use the best cleaning service NYC, these tips are vital for you. If you call your favorite cleaning service once a month, you should still be aware of these rules to bring order to your house and your life.

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