The experts at the deep cleaning service New York City are ready to share some useful tips on the order in which it is necessary to clean the house. Also, they will tell you what mistakes people usually make during the deep cleaning.


Several tips for doing proper deep cleaning.

  • First of all, you should draw up a plan for deep cleaning. The main rule of deep cleaning is that you need to have the correct “route”. So, in this case, you will not come back to the already cleaned areas. As a result, you will save time.
  • The direction of cleaning should be “from top to bottom”. The dust will fall from the wardrobe to the table, then from the table to the floor. So, there is no sense to wash the floor first.
  • In order to save time, our specialists at deep cleaning service New York City recommend you to combine such processes as bathroom disinfecting with chemicals and dusting.
  • Start cleaning with windows. It is a time-consuming process. Remove the mosquito nets, throw curtains in a wash and clean the inner frame.
  • Divide your cleaning into several tasks and do not try to do all at once. For example, while cleaning in the bathroom, it is necessary to wash the bath first without thinking about dust and floor washing.

Deep Cleaning Service New York City trains its specialists to clean in the following order:

  •  kitchen
  •  toilet and bathroom
  •  vacuum cleaning
  •  dust cleaning
  •  floor washing

The most common mistakes during cleaning are the following:

  • Quick and qualitative removal is impossible. If you clean on your own without using deep cleaning service in New York City, it is better to divide the apartment into zones and clean them in turn.
  • Low-quality detergents and especially their unsustainable use can cause some problems. As a result, it can produce health problems and also a waste of money.
  • Window cleaning in sunny weather. Do not wash windows in sunny weather.  A detergent will dry up under direct sunlight and create the stains that are very difficult to wash away. Our employees from deep cleaning service New York City choose even the proper weather for window cleaning.
  • If some liquid spills onto the carpet, do not rub the stain back and forth. In this case, it is necessary to collect the liquid from the edges spiraling to the center.
  • Housewives often do deep cleaning without special gloves. Household chemicals, penetrate into the pores of the skin, accumulate in the body and can cause allergy. You need to clean in the gloves, and then check the clean surface with your hands.
  • Doing everything on your own without using deep cleaning service. Of course, if you do not litter and maintain cleanliness systematically, you can avoid this cleaning  “X-Day”. But it is almost impossible in a reality where everyone is busy. So, do not hesitate to call our deep cleaning service in New York City.