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The professional cleaning service Manhattan will help to provide your office space with a presentable look. You know that regular dry and wet cleaning prevent the development of allergic reactions and various respiratory diseases of staff and visitors. But there are even more nuances.

Of course, cleaning should be regular in places of frequent visits and crowds. Moreover, general cleaning, including washing floors, should be carried out one hour before the start of the working day. Usually, workers clean offices in the evening in order not to interfere with staff and visitors, and not to interrupt the working process.


In the process of performing cleaning service Manhattan in office premises, we pay special attention to the order of cleaning:

  • First of all, we remove debris and dust from all surfaces, both horizontal and vertical;
  • Then we wash the floor, remove dirt from mirrors, windows, stands and glass doors;
  • The final stage is the decontamination of public catering places and office toilets.


We want to achieve the most productive results of cleaning service in Manhattan. That’s why we take into account the cleaning schedule and the working schedule of the employees of the office building. Our experienced team of cleaners has professional high-quality equipment at the disposal. We select detergents in the process of cleaning according to the surface. Therefore, we clean up the office and adjacent office space as accurately and efficiently as possible.


Our company tries to satisfy each client and listens carefully to his requirements and wishes. The rooms can differ from each other, so there is no specific list of cleaning service in Manhattan. But there is a fairly standard list of works that are mandatory:

  • Remove dust from all surfaces. General cleaning service Manhattan includes cleaning of lighting devices, ventilation grilles, cleaning of hard-to-reach places, etc.
  • Polished glossy surfaces. Our staff will bring back shine to mirrors, glass doors, door handles, chrome-plated decorative elements.
  • Disinfection and cleaning of bathrooms with special chemicals. We also clean shells and plumbing.
  • Cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets.  If necessary, our employees will cope with stains of any complexity.


The headquarters of the company is its face. That is why you should devote a lot of time to maintain the order and cleanliness. But no matter how hard you try, a large amount of dirt and dust will accumulate there sooner or later. The only right decision will be using the cleaning service Manhattan.


Of course, you can try to solve it on your own, but you will face much more problems. First of all, your employees will not be delighted with such a decision and will treat it rather carelessly. Then, you will have to take a break from working in order to do it.  So, we offer you a simpler and more efficient option. General cleaning is the main cleaning service Manhattan in our company.

 Extensive experience in this field allows us to guarantee the high quality of cleaning service in Manhattan.