The expediency question of ordering one of the cleaning services in NYC is apparently faced by each home or apartment owner. And perhaps thousands of articles and notes have already been written on this topic, but we, in turn, would like to give you an interesting comparative analysis of what you would get when you ordered services in cleaning services NYC of high quality.

We can praise our services for hours and convince you to buy it. But we can together look at the situation what will await you if you decide to do an excellent home cleaning by your own.

If you decide to clean your home by your own, it’s worth dividing cleaning process into sections as employees of all cleaning services in NYC do.

kitchen cleaning services in NYC
cleang kitchen in your house or apartment


Firstly, start with a kitchen. The cleaning of it will take no more than 2 hours:

1. Clean up the main parts of the kitchen

To create a clean look of the kitchen and refresh it, spend just two minutes removing all items on the kitchen table that are not needed right now. The smaller the items on the kitchen surfaces are, the cleaner and more accurate the kitchen seems.

2. Wash the dishes

If you have a dishwasher, just put all the dishes in it and start the cycle. In case of the dishwasher is broken and the quick cleaning of the kitchen should be done not for yourself (you are waiting for guests), put all dirty dishes in the kitchen cabinet carefully, and when guests go, you will cope with it.

3. Clean the kitchen surfaces

Using a special microfiber cloth, wipe the countertops and the table. Move from a far angle toward you.

4. Wash the kitchen appliances

Wipe with a slightly moistened cloth the surfaces of the microwave oven, refrigerator, cooker, bread maker and other equipment that is installed by workers in your kitchen.

5. Sweep and wash the floor

It’s the most responsible moment. Clean the kitchen, starting from the far corner of the room and move to the exit. Next, wipe the floor using a mop with a special microfiber sponge. Start from the angles and gradually move back to the door.

6. Clean the wet stains

Have you noticed some wet stains on the countertop or cooker? Scraping it with the metal object can leave scratches. So, try to use an invalid credit card for this, because plastic does not leave scratches.


bedroom cleaning
bedroom cleaning by Luxury Cleaning NY


The next room to be cleaned is the bedroom. Cleaning of it will take no more than 50 minutes. We are going to clean it up leading the author’s advice of the best cleaning services in NYC

1. Pick up everything unnecessary from the bedroom.

Remove dirty bed linen and put it in a unique basket. Hide the unnecessary items that lie on the surface of the dressing table in the boxes or cabinets. To make the bedroom look clean, you need to remove everything unnecessary!

2. Make the bed.

Many people lose their time when trying to push the ends of the sheet directly between the end of the bed and the mattress. It’s much easier and faster to make the bed if you raise the mattress with one hand and put the ends of the sheet with the second hand right under it.

3. Fighting with dust.

To achieve the best result, use a dry microfiber cloth. Start cleaning from the furniture in the far corner of the room and move in a clockwise direction. The fabric should touch each section of the furniture surface not more than once. There is no need to waste time and wipe chaotically in one place.

4. Vacuum the surface of the floor.

Start sweeping from the far corner of the bedroom, gradually moving back to the door. To speed up the process, make sweeping and long movements with your hand. Pass with the brush only once in one section of the floor. Do not move back and forth. Of course, you don’t have such a professional vacuum cleaner that is used by all cleaning services NYC.


Bath and toilet

Putting the bathroom and the toilet in order is important. It will take about 20 minutes.

1. Apply a detergent.

Implement a bar of soap to the sink, toilet, shower cubicle or bath. It will help to clean the surface with severe contamination.

2. Clean the shower cubicle and the bath.

If there is a need to clean the surface of the tub or shower, simply wipe them with a cloth, then rinse the pre-applied cleaning detergent and wash it.

3. Clean the mirror.

Spread the liquid for washing the glass on the mirror. Then, start from above and wipe the surface with circular movements.

4. Clean the toilet.

Sprinkle the inside face of the bathroom with the soda or dry detergent and thoroughly clean it with a toilet brush.

5. Clean the sink

Use toothbrushes that are not needed to clean up contaminated areas.

6. Wash the floor.

Wipe the floor using a microfiber mop. Start from the far corner and move back to the exit.

bathroom cleaning service in nyc
living room cleaning services in NYC

Living room

The final stage is the living room. It is a perfect rule, which is used by many cleaning services NYC professionals, to finish the general cleaning of the living room.

1. Remove the mess in the living room.

Quickly inspect and assess the degree of contamination of the chamber, while spotting scattered objects and objects that are not standing correctly. Put all the little things in their places. Put all magazines and newspapers on a coffee table.

2. Clean the dust.

Carry out cleaning just like in the bedroom.

3. Clean the mirror and glass surfaces.

For qualitative cleaning of glass surfaces and mirrors, use a universal detergent for cleaning glass, and soft cloth rags. Wipe the surface with circular movements.

4. Vacuum cleaner

Start sweeping from the far corner of the room and move back to the exit.

If this to-do list is not surprising or frightening for you, you do not need to search for cleaning services in NYC. But if you have decided that you are not ready to do this work after reading these brief tips for cleaning your home, you can call us and order the services of one of the best cleaning services in NYC.

If you need cleaning services in NY you call us, or book services online!