If you live in a New York City apartment, then you are living in some of the most expensive and sought-after real estate in the world. As a result, you most likely want your apartment to look as clean as possible. A spotless apartment is peaceful, beautiful, and highly impressive to your guests.

Luxury Cleaning NY has compiled a list of the top 20 cleaning tips for NYC apartments by Top Cleaning Services Manhattan Experts. Whether you are someone who searches “cleaning services Manhattan tips” regularly or whether you like to clean yourself, it is critical to know exactly what needs to be done.

Here is a list of the top 20 cleaning tips for NYC apartments:

Vacuum the Floors


1.Vacuum the Floors 

No apartment will look its best if crumbs and other debris are lying around everywhere on the floor. Vacuuming your floors, especially your carpet surfaces, will help to make your floor look as good as new. Very few things can make an apartment look as good as a beautifully clean floor.

Wipe Down All Counters  Tip by cleaning service Manhattan - Luxury Cleaning NY


2.Wipe Down All Counters 

Wiping down all of the counters is essential because counters often build up grime over time. When counters have a lot of grime on them, they simply do not shine and sparkle as they should. To keep your counter as clean as possible, you should wipe it down thoroughly with a hard surface cleaning spray and a paper towel.

Clean Your Glass Tables with Glass Cleaner Tip by cleaning service Manhattan - Luxury Cleaning NY


3.Clean Your Glass Tables with Glass Cleaner 

Glass tables are very beautiful and can add a lot of class to an apartment. However, they can also build up a lot of finger streaks over time. In order to make your glass tables look as good as possible and to remove the steaks, you should use a good glass cleaner. Take care to get the entire surface and not miss any spots.

Sweep All of your Hard Floors Tip


4.Sweep All of your Hard Floors 

Hard floors can build up a lot of crumbs, dirt, dust, and other debris over time. As a result, you must get rid of all of these things by sweeping your hard floors thoroughly. You should make sure that you get hard to reach places too, such as under the cabinets, or on the side of the refrigerator. Debris can be hiding anywhere, so make sure you check all spaces.

Clean the Windows


5.Clean the Windows 

For this task, you should use Windex or another glass cleaner. Having clean windows is extremely important for people who live in New York City apartments. This is because a good view can make or break an apartment. You do not want to reduce the views at all in your apartment by having windows with a lot of streaks, dust, or fingerprints. You want your windows to be crystal clear.

Get Rid of All Clutter


6.Get Rid of All Clutter 

Apartments are already relatively small spaces. You do not want to make them feel even smaller by having clutter take up lots of room. You should carefully go through your clutter piles one-by-one. Throw out the trash and organize everything in the piles that aren’t trash. Make sure that you put everything in its proper place.

Donate Old Clothes


7.Donate Old Clothes 

If you have old clothes that you don’t wear anymore, you should donate them. This way, you can do a good deed and help to free up some space in your closet. You can even get a tax deduction for clothing donations that you make in many cases. The more space that you have in your closet, the less cluttered it will appear.

Clean Behind the Couches and Under the Bed Tip by cleaning service Manhattan - Luxury Cleaning NY


Cleaning Services Manhattan tips #8 – Clean Behind the Couches and Under the Bed 

The area behind the couches and underneath the bed tends to accumulate random objects, clothing, and debris. These areas are also frequently overlooked during routine cleaning sessions. So, it is crucial to make sure that you do not neglect these areas when you are doing a thorough apartment cleaning.

Thoroughly Clean the Toilet Bowls


9. Thoroughly Clean the Toilet Bowls 

Cleaning the toilet bowls is a job that most people would rather not do. If you do not want to do this job, then you can type “cleaning services Manhattan tips” into your google search bar and find a company that will do it for you. However, if you are going to do it yourself, then prepare to break out a solid toilet bowl cleaner and some bleach. You will also need a toilet brush. It’s a dirty job, but there is nothing like having sparkling clean toilets.

Dust Everything Tip #10 by Top Cleaning Service Manhattan - Luxury Cleaning NY


10. Dust Everything 

Everything from your windowsills to the light fixtures needs to be properly dusted. This is because no matter how clean of a person you are in your daily life, dust will still inevitably accumulate. Once you remove all of the dust from your surfaces and objects in your apartment, it will look significantly cleaner. The last thing you want is for people to see a large amount of dust on your bookshelf or your table. So, do some thorough dusting to make sure that doesn’t happen!

Wash the Covers and the Sheets


11.Wash the Covers and the Sheets 

No apartment cleaning is complete without washing all of the sheets and the comforters. A lot of people do not wash their sheets and their comforters enough. So, oftentimes, they can get very dirty. Your laundry basket may be a bit fuller when you take your laundry to the washer, but it is worth it to make sure that your cleaning job is complete.

cleaning the shower


12.Clean the Shower 

Showers can have mold and grime build upon them over time. No matter what kind of shower you have, it is difficult to stop the gradual build-up of mold. You can use Clorox disinfecting bathroom cleaner on the shower tiles. This works very well to get the grime off. The ultimate goal is to have zero grime on your tiles so that they shine and look brand new. Many cleaning services in Manhattan can help you with this if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Do all the dishes


13. Do All of the Dishes 

If you have dishes lying around your apartment in random places like on your bedroom nightstand, your end table, your desk, etc., now is the time to collect them all and bring them to the dishwasher! Don’t forget about a single glass or spoon. Do a thorough sweep of your home to make sure that you don’t miss one item.

#14 tip from cleaning service Manhattan put extra shoes into container Tip by Top Cleaning Service Manhattan - Luxury Cleaning NY


Cleaning Services Manhattan tips #14. Put Loose Items into Containers 

If you have loose items around your apartment like extra shoes, pens, pencils, extension cords, wires, etc., then put them into containers. This will help to make them very organized and to prevent them from taking up unnecessary amounts of space in your apartment. The more organized that your apartment is, the cleaner it will seem and feel.

emptying all of your small and large trash cans and taking the bags out to the dumpster


15. Take Out the Trash 

This includes emptying all of your small and large trash cans and taking the bags out to the dumpster or wherever else you take them. If you want your apartment to be truly clean and not having to start searching for “cleaning services Manhattan tips,” on Google, you will have to make sure that all of the trash is properly taken care of.

Organize All of the Clothes in your Bedroom


16.Organize All of the Clothes in your Bedroom 

If you currently have clothes strewn all around your bedroom, then this could take some time. However, in order to make your home look as clean as possible, it is crucial that you organize all of the clothes in your room. This means putting all of the dirty laundries in the hamper, putting all of your pants in your pants drawer, hanging up all of your shirts or putting them in your shirts drawer, etc. Just keep powering through it until it’s done.

Clean Your Mattress with Rubbing Alcohol


17.Clean Your Mattress with Rubbing Alcohol 

Many people forget to clean their mattresses during routine cleaning sessions. However, mattresses can collect a lot of dirt and grime over time. They can also build up bacteria, which can cause bad odors. You can clean your mattress by putting rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spraying your mattress. This will help to disinfect the mattress and to prevent odors from forming. Then just leave the sheets off and wait for the alcohol to dry before putting the sheets back on.

Use Bleach and Cotton Balls to Clean Between Bathroom Tiles Tip by Top Cleaning Service Manhattan - Luxury Cleaning NY


Cleaning Services Manhattan tips #18 – Use Bleach and Cotton Balls to Clean Between Bathroom Tiles 

This is an ingenious strategy for cleaning the hard to reach spaces between bathroom floor tiles. These areas are often the places where mold and mildew build-up, and that is the last thing that you want in your bathroom. You can even let the cotton balls soaked in bleach sit on the ground for 24 hours. Clean with soapy water when you are done. If you don’t want to go to this extreme, you can also search for “cleaning services Manhattan tips” on Google instead.

Unclog Your Drains


19.Unclog Your Drains with Vinegar and Baking Soda 

If you have a clogged sink in your kitchen or one of your bathrooms, then you can unclog it by pouring vinegar and baking soda down the drain. You can pour a half cup of baking soda and a full cup of vinegar down the drain and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then pour boiling water down the drain. This should fix your clog.

Polish Your Stainless-Steel Appliance with Pledge Tip #20 by cleaning service Manhattan - Luxury Cleaning NY


20. Polish Your Stainless-Steel Appliance with Pledge 

If you have stainless-steel appliances in your kitchen, they can lose their shine over time. In order to bring that shine back, just get some pledge for stainless-steel surfaces and get polishing! In no time, that appliance will look brand new! A Luxury Cleaning Service in Manhattan can assist you with this if you need help. Book Our Services below!