Apartment Deep cleaning NYC sometimes takes a lot of effort and time. If you want to spend it on something more enjoyable and important for you, you can entrust cleaning to some cleaning company.  But then another question arises – how much will it cost for you?

Mostly, it depends on the scope, type of work, and also to whom you entrust the cleaning task.  Let’s try to figure out how much apartment deep cleaning NYC costs.


First of all, you you should know that deep cleaning nyc requires an individual assessment of the scope and type of work, that’s why the pricing can differ a little bit from other types of cleaning.

Usually, our employee comes to your place and conducts a preliminary assessment. Also the approximate price of cleaning can be said if the client sends photo and video of the premises, provides information about materials that need to be cleaned (for example, natural wood, marble, leather require a special selection of detergents).


How do we form the price for cleaning services?

Here are the main factors that influence the price for cleaning:

  • the number of rooms;
  • the area to be cleaned;
  • the degree of contamination of the premises;
  • the kind of detergents that will be used in cleaning;
  • the number of workers (whether it’s necessary only one cleaner or we need a team of cleaners)


Number of rooms

When ordering a basic or maintenance cleaning,  assessment is based on the number of rooms. But in case of deep cleaning nyc we take into account the total area. 


Square footage 

Pricing for deep cleaning nyc and post construction cleaning is evaluated on the basis of square footage. This is due to the complexity and extensiveness of the cleaning processes.

We also choose the number of cleaners taking into account the area of the house or apartment. 

The degree of contamination 

These factors are taken into consideration because they determine the time that will be necessary for cleaning. 

Detergents and equipment 

As we use the cleaning supply of the highest quality and choose only eco-friendly products, the price may differ from our competitors.


Only well-trained and skillful employees work at our company.  We select only the best workers for performing deep cleaning nyc.



One of the biggest problems of cooperation with private cleaners is the lack of responsibility. If the cleaner damage something in the house, it will be very hard to make him or her compensate for it.

We sign the contract with our cleaners, so it allows a us to compensate for all harm that our employees can do. And this level of your security also influences the price.



We control the quality of the cleaning work. But in case the cleaning was performed badly, the client receives:

  • discount
  • refund;
  • repeated cleaning during the following three days.


Private cleaners do not offer compensation.

You may notice that prices for the apartment deep cleaning NYC from private cleaners are higher than from our company. Our prices is 50$ per hour. The price for deep cleaning nyc of one bedroom home starts from 150$.

Now you know how much to pay for the deep cleaning NYC services of our company.