Lots of people have pets at homes that have become full-fledged members for many families. The main task of the owner is the care of the pet’s health which is also influenced by home conditions. If there are animals in your home, apartment cleaning should be carried out more carefully.

In the apartment, where there are canine-human four-legged friends, it is necessary to clean regularly and more often than in the usual apartment. Even the tamed animal sometimes remembers its instincts and starts to mark its territory, leaving, for example, saliva on the walls. There isn’t any harm from this for the person in nature, but at the room, temperature saliva is the perfect environment for bacteria.

If the cleaning won’t be carried out in time at home, it could lead to appearing of exotic infections.

There is a number of simple rules:

– During cleaning the person should put on gloves and respirator (if you are allergic);

– Use disposable products for some places in the apartment or the house; disinfect a nozzle in the washing vacuum cleaner before and after its use;

– Use qualitative products for cleaning.

Pets, that do not have freedom of movement around the apartment, don’t leave obvious traces of dirt. For example, lizards or turtles who are in a terrarium or a cage. But their excrements and waste products have the ability to spread through the apartment, and they could pollute the air at home. When cleaning it is necessary to observe similar safety precautions as with usual animals.

First of all, when caring for such small animals, the ventilation system should be cleaned. The better it works, the purer is air in the whole apartment.

 The general rules for cleaning of the apartment with pets

Except for cleaning, it is necessary to carry out all-round and careful disinfection at least every six months. During the events, it is necessary to open windows and to turn on the air conditioner or the fan. The place, where the pet stays more often, for example, a rug, an open-air cage or an aquarium, is recommended to clean every day.

All owners of pets know that pets tend to molt, therefore all furniture, the clothes, and carpets in the apartment are covered with fur. Fur scraps are not the reason to refuse from having lovely animals as there are many proven methods to reduce the molt and to keep the apartment clean.

Cleaning with a damp rag

Pet’s fur, which has been wetted, at once starts to roll down in lumps and becomes heavier. Thus, using a damp rag, it is quite simple to collect all fur from furniture and sofas. Carry out wet cleaning regularly. Except a rag tenacious fur can be removed with the help of a wet palm, if you make it wet and stroke the contaminated surface. Besides, water acts as a dielectric as it removes static electricity from fur because of which it sticks to all other surfaces. Before the beginning of the wet cleaning, it is recommended to vacuum everything carefully, so that the main amount of fur will be in the vacuum cleaner, and then a wet sponge is taken and the rest of the fur is collected.

Clean fur with a rubber glove

Fur has an ability to be electrified and it can be advantageously used for yourself if you find a material that will also be magnetized and will be able to collect fur. You will need an object with a rubber surface, for example, a mop with a rubber tip, a glove or a balloon. Putting on a glove on a hand, it is enough to touch the hair on your head to receive a positive electric charge. Now the glove as the electric vacuum cleaner will magnet to itself all fur from the polluted surface. An ideal object for such cleaning is a balloon as it has got a big area of a surface, and it will collect more fur. In order not to tilt the back for cleaning floor or carpet, any footwear with a rubber sole could be used. Certainly, there will be lots of fur on the glove or footwear after the cleaning. Just take a napkin with antistatic effect or a cloth impregnated with the conditioner for linen, and then simply wipe them after cleaning.

Hide clothes from animals

When your animal molts strongly enough, it is better not to waste time on cleaning, and to foresee a range of measures for protecting clothes from regular cleaning. It is still necessary to carry out cleaning at home, and the clothes should be stored in wardrobes where your pet won’t be able to reach it. The strengthened molt, as a rule, depends on the health conditions of a pet, especially if it needs nutrients and minerals and also more care. Therefore allocate time for your pet and it will be much less molt: make a correct diet, often wash it with the right shampoo and comb fur.