Luxury Cleaning NY company can perform deep steam cleaning of carpets for you at home and in the offices. One of the common ways of cleaning carpets, which are used by both professional cleaners and ordinary housewives, is steam cleaning NYC. So, in this article we will take a closer look at the advantages of this type of carpet cleaning. Also, you will learn what steam cleaner, steam generator and steam mop are.


Many people are interested whether steam carpet cleaning is effective and environmentally friendly method or not?  How to clean the carpet with a steam cleaner and what is it in general? So, we will try to consider these issues step by step and start with a description of the devices for steam cleaning NYC of carpets and other surfaces. 

A steam cleaner (also called a steam generator) is a special household or professional device for cleaning of various surfaces and materials that are resistant to the effects of hot steam from various types of dirt that are otherwise susceptible to steam.

The principle of action of the steam cleaner is quite simple: the water is heated in a special tank and it generates high-pressure steam and low humidity (also called “dry steam”). Then this steam is released under pressure through a flexible hose with a valve through the selected nozzle on the outer surfaces. Among the most expensive models of steam generators, there are models that immediately absorb the condensate of steam and dirt from the surface. It is very convenient and practical (such models are called Steam Vacuum Cleaners).

Benefits of cleaning the carpet with steam:

  • Steam cleaning of carpets is considered to be a method of eco-cleaning, since the main cleaning element is water vapor that is absolutely harmless to the environment;
  • Steam refreshes the carpets;
  • The steam generator can be used with the special detergents, which you can apply to more dirty areas of the carpet before steam treatment. It helps to deal with stains better.  But there are also detergents that, on the contrary, lose their cleaning properties under the influence of heat. So, choose the detergents carefully and consult with sellers or the employees of the professional cleaning companies;
  • Steam cleaning is useful in pest control, especially in the case of dust mites

 Carpet cleaning takes approximately 1-3 working days, depending on the complexity of contamination. And, of course, the cleaning professionals can cope even faster with the tasks of nyc steam cleaning.

 In conclusion, it must be noted that steam cleaning NYC and the use of different types of steam cleaners have many advantages. When you decide to do steam cleaning of the carpet or other surfaces, the main thing is to use qualitative equipment, pay attention to the composition and properties of your carpets and follow the recommendations for cleaning from the manufacturer. But if you still have doubts and are afraid to spoil your carpets accidentally, you can always order Deep Steam Cleaning in NYC in our Luxury cleaning company!