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If you need to have same day cleaning NYC immediately, you can try to do it by your own or order service of a professional cleaning company.  In order to help you imagine how professional cleaning process looks like, we asked general manager of our company to make a list of 15 practical tips on the same day cleaning NYC life hacks for you.  


The best thing is to start cleaning with a hoover and then wipe the dust.  Otherwise, dust will not be removed completely.  

It’s impossible to wash the whole bath before leaving for work, but you could easily fill a toilet with cleaning fluid and easily brush it in the evening.  

If there are some places where pretreatment with disinfection and deep cleaning are needed, start with them.  Apply disinfectants and do some other activities.  You should wait until they begin to function (from 1 to 5 minutes).  

Use a toothbrush for cleaning places which are hard to reach (corners, slots, grooves in plumbing, household appliances, and containers).

Spray anti-static on screen and the rear surface of electronics and TV and wipe them with a special cloth.  Dust will settle two times less on them.  

The simple charcoal can help to get rid of excess cleaning and airing of refrigerator.  It will absorb all smells and the fridge will be “fresh”.

Before starting CLEANING kitchen, apply anti-grease detergent in advance. Old greasy spots will vanish while you are busy with cleaning in other places.  

In order not to leave stains ON THE SURFACE, don’t wipe it with chaotic or circular moves.  \it’s better to do it with horizontal or vertical moves.  

You can save a lot of time if to replace simple cloth with Microfibre.

FOR more rational usage of cloth it’s worth folding it in four.  So, now you have four working sides and it increases the duration of usage and saves time.  

Do not use abrasive side of a sponge in order to get rid of stains or spots, because it can damage the surface!  It’s better not to use a sponge with a green abrasive in the kitchen.  Use white or blue abrasive instead.  


The next piece of advice is for those who just made a repair and wants to hold same day cleaning NYC life hacks in the home which suffers from dust. To get rid of white construction dust on the floor, make sure you have washed it with water and vinegar (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water)  and then use the detergent for the floor.

The detergent which is good for washing dishes not always remove plaque from cups which are dirty after tea and coffee.  With this will handle easily simple baking soda!  Apply a small amount of baking soda on the soft side of a sponge and clean the dishes.  

In order not to spoil the pan after cooking, it shouldn’t be poured into cold water in any case.  Yes, of course, it will be easier to wash it, but then all the food will be burnt.  So, just wait until the pan cools down, and only then pour it with water.  

If you don’t want to do all this, we are happy to take your order at the service of the same day cleaning NYC. Check all same day cleaning NYC life hacks and order our services!

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