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Believe me, that nobody would tell you the whole truth about general cleaning. General cleaning is so much mysterious sphere that the majority of people even can’t believe how it is done by professionals. We want to tell you about the general cleaning on behalf of cleaning service ny – luxury cleaning.

So, we should be aware of doing general cleaning properly. Because when you wipe the parquet with a cloth with all your strength without picking up big vase but only wiping it around, at this very moment you have the only thought: this is just an offhandedly cleaning and maybe you will manage to do general cleaning at weekend. And of course there is a lot of work to do and you understand that your abilities for cleaning aren’t the same as cleaning service ny abilities.

Let’s be honest, in most cases, when the week comes to an end, the general cleaning doesn’t happen. And again your thoughts turn to cleaning service NY which would cope with any type of cleaning in short terms. But unless you order cleaning service NY  for some reasons, you should know some life hacks about general cleaning:

Cleaning Service NY Rule 1  – Always divide living quarters into 4 squares.

This technique of division of surfaces into 4 squares is very popular among professionals from cleaning service ny. It would be perfect if those squares are equal. For example, many people from the staff of cleaning service ny divide in such a way: bathroom and corridor – square number 1, kitchen and living room – square number 2, bedroom and balcony – square number 3, children room and other quarters – square number 4.

Rule 2 – A lot of qualitative household chemicals

Another important rule which is used by the vast majority of professionals from cleaning service ny – luxury cleaning. It is very important for every square to select a separate set of detergents. Professionals from cleaning service ny usually divide those squares for types of surfaces. That’s why it’s very important to clean every surface only with suitable detergents.  Such an approach guarantees the proper division of household chemicals, saves surfaces from affections by improper detergents and what is the most important, helps you to do cleaning according to standards of cleaning service ny.

Rule 3 – Use only ecologically friendly chemicals

I want to point out, that we care about what our clients will breathe in. You know very well, that after cleaning with the usage of chemicals fumes from those detergents remain inside your house for a while. That’s why we use only expensive professional ecologically friendly chemicals which don’t leave harmful fumes in an atmosphere of your home.  If you are going to listen to our advice and try to clean the house in style of cleaning service ny you should certainly buy professional chemicals of high quality which should have all quality certificates and comply with ecological standards of usage in living quarters.

As the professionals in the sphere of cleaning service ny, we gave you a shortlist of demands for a realization of professional cleaning of your house or apartments. In our next article, we will extend this list and tell you the next 4 rules of qualitative professional cleaning of your home in New York. Nevertheless, if you decide to hire cleaning service ny we will be glad to help you.