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Eco cleaning in NYC is an absolutely new direction in the sphere of cleaning services, which is not known enough by consumers.

Cleaning involves the use of highly effective cleaners, but it is important they were safe for the person’s health. Have you ever thought that the human body is exposed to the greatest degree of chemical influences not in the course of work in adverse conditions for health on harmful manufacture, but in places where we spend the considerable period of our time – in our favorite dwellings or offices. Staying there for the greatest part of our day can be compared with a war that involves the use of chemical weapons during the self-cleaning of premises.

With what it is connected?

The point is that our boundless bent for cleanliness forces us to use the set of various household “chemistry” which negatively influences our organism and can lead to tragic results. Unfortunately, assurances of the advertisements on television and radio, make us believe in the indispensability and exclusive power of household detergents without which it is simply impossible to clean residences or offices. And is it possible actually to dispense with household “chemistry” using another alternative way, for example, such as a professional ecological cleaning?
Cleaning without “chemistry” or eco-products for cleaning.

The alternative for cleaning using various household “chemistry” is cleaning without using products containing chemical substances that are harmful for a human body. It is called eco cleaning. Its essence is in the replacement of cleaning products, which are usual for the modern city dweller, with special tools, for example, the device for prompting of cleanliness with steam use.

Similar professional cleaning is widely applied in European countries and America. This way in comparison with traditional is more favorable both from the point of view of safety and in respect of an economic gain.

Using the dry steam to gather and remove pollution from any surfaces it also destructs all bacteria and harmful microbes to neutralize dust mites which can bring sufferings to pets, small children and adults, especially those who are sensitive to “chemistry”, or allergic people. Besides, ecological cleaning promotes the elimination of all unpleasant smells.

If you want to clean your house without compromising for people and animals surrounding you, ecological cleaning can become the right choice!