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If you still don’t use office cleaning services NYC but hire employees, you need to know very important nuances about the daily cleaning of your office premises.  Cleaning indoors requires using the principle of “from top to down”.  At first, dust is removed from all horizontal surfaces.  Workplace cleaning of a certain employee should be carried out only with his or her consent.  Shelves, tables, cabinets, and window sills also should be cleaned from dust.  

Then, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and floor is performed.  Office cleaning services NYC employees have good professional equipment for these purposes.  If you provide the cleaner with equipment by your own, do not scratch and buy a good vacuum cleaner.  If you do so, the dust from the broom won’t be over and over again on the objects in your office.  

Particular attention should be paid to cleaning office equipment.  For these purposes, special napkins are used.  A professional cleaner will never wipe the computer or printer with a wet cloth.  There are many wires in premises with office equipment where a large amount of dust accumulates.  The task of the cleaner is to remove the dust carefully without damaging the electronics.

Daily cleaning in the office by the standard of office cleaning services NYC

Then, wet floor cleaning is performed.  If the cleaning is carried out during the working hours of the main staff, a sign “wet floor” should be placed on the floor after washing in order for employers not to slip and get injured.  

Daily cleaning of the premises includes removal of garbage from baskets and replacement of garbage cans.  

Sometimes, taking care of plants is delegated to the cleaner.  Daily procedures include irrigation, and the periodic procedure is cleaning leaves of plants from dust.  

Public places have to be cleaned daily.  Here it is necessary not only to clean the floor and pour into the toilet the detergents.  Careful cleaning of the toilet rooms is largely a guarantee of health of the employees.  

Washings of sinks, toilet bowls, seats, and covers with their disinfection should be carried out daily.  Every day door handles should be disinfected, because they are a good environment for infection as they are touched with dozens or even hundreds of hands.

What should you do periodically?

It is impossible to pay attention to the cleaning of all objects every day, but this is not necessary. But once a few weeks (if the office is large, weekly) you need to pay attention to cleaning mirrors, lighting devices, windows, removing dust from various decorative elements.  

Also, from time to time, soft office furniture should be cleaned more accurately.  

Remove and wash complex contaminants and spots with special detergents.  Wipe with a damp cloth not only the horizontal surfaces in wardrobes and curbstones but also the vertical facades.  

Well, it’s up to you to decide whether to hire your employee or to entrust all this work to office cleaning service NYC.  If you have any questions regarding office cleaning, please contact us or call us.  We will gladly consult you.

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