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The history of post constraction cleaning services nyc!

If you are surprised by the title of the article you really want to know where did the notion of post constraction cleaning services nyc  in New York. No one really can not answer that question because unfortunately historians do not provide such important domestic affairs of Americans.
But as professionals we are thinking of this case, and where originates industry which is all called post constraction cleaning services nyc?
According to our research emergence cleaning services industry in our city enjoyed great popularity hired domestic servants:
1. Before cleaning services functions and also post constaction cleaning in New York as in other US cities served around the house servants. Yes, beforestarted cleaning companies for the residents of New York who could afford it was just around the house servants. At a time when around the house servants was the norm for wealthy residents in each house there were several types of such workers. Of course it was a cook, a man who was responsible for the fact that the owners of the house has always been that food. Also a man poyednyuvala also a function waiter and provide full service kitchen house. From cooking and table and washing dishes.
Another type of domestic workers were maid. These Butterflies or young girls were responsible for order in the House and the purity of bedding, beds and so on. In fact they played a huge part of that now make cleaning companies and their employees.
It is almost always the person you are feminine, mostly older Butterflies 40-50 years. While some families gave preference to young girls who could cope with faster cleaning. It was essentially the first employees receiving pay for what almost always stayed in the house owners and ensure their life comfortably.

But for us the greatest interest for us it is a third group of employees. Each house were men and women who were responsible only for economic affairs. They were engaged in repair of apartments and repair anything that was not in the house. These people were involved in repairs of roofs, repairs inside the house. These people were universal workers, a group of several men and women could easily cope with a huge work Extent to which currently requires the contractor firm that makes repairing your home in New York, and the company that will perform post constraction cleaning services nyc.
If now nyc post constaction cleaning is a matter of a company that you hire for this responsible work. So in times of housework workers full range of work fell on the shoulders 3-4 5-6 less workers who were on a monthly salary. Men white walls, change the floor, carry the new furniture and do all the hard work physically. Women instead painted surface paint and helped the men performing work that does not require physical strength.
After the repair, of course, that none of the home owners in New York did not cause post constaction cleaning company. As you have already guessed who performed all post constraction cleaning services nyc job?

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