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It is very important to make a great first impression on your potential partners, clients or just visitors, and office cleaners NYC can be very helpful in this case. Clean furniture and shiny surfaces serve as the first indicators that everything is neat and tidy in your office, and its owner likes order. It is no secret that the best business card is your workspace. But sometimes, people are too busy to maintain their “public image” and bother about dusting, washing and wiping down. Although frankly, you are not supposed to do it. Our cleaning service can help you with office cleaners NYC. You can work on your business in peace without thinking about things like that.

But still, at least you need to know which details in your office can influence the first impression about you. At first sight, they are not immediately obvious, when in fact, they are often determinative.

The office cleaners NYC tips are the following:

  • Windows should be perfectly translucent. Our office cleaning NYC service can wash the windows of your office both inside and out.
  • Soft furniture such as sofa or armchairs should be clean and fresh without any spots, stains or unpleasant odor.
  • Surfaces need to be shiny and without muddy footprints on the floor and dust on the table or bookshelves. So, it is necessary to mop and dust surfaces regularly as a part of general office cleaning NYC.
  • It is important to wipe down chandeliers, mirrors, vases, pictures and other elements of decor. These details should complement the interior with its elegance, minimalism, and neatness instead of causing problems with cleanliness.
  • Proper and careful sanitizing of keyboards of computers, laptops, and faxes, as well as doorknobs and elevator buttons, guarantees you the support for your employees’ and customers’ health.
  • Maybe, the restroom is far from being the main part of the office space but its aesthetics should also be at the appropriate level. Your visitors shouldn’t leave the restroom with a bad impression. So, disinfection of the bathroom is a necessary part of office cleaning NYC. Also, there should be ventilation to the open air, comfortable wash basins, liquid soap, paper towels or hand dryers for the sake of hygiene and convenience of the visitors.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget about stationery and office equipment such as Xerox, scanner, fax, etc. Desktops should be perfectly clean for the sake of your employees first of all.


As you can see, every little thing matters. Maintaining a clean working environment is of great importance both for employees and clients. But if you think that there is no time for it, you can always entrust office cleaning NYC to the professionals. Our company guarantees a high level of service, specialized workers and the latest cleaning products. We can save you from cleaning issues and cultivate that “clean image” of your business. Just do your job and we will take care of the details that determine what impression will be the first about you and your office.

In the next article, we will cover the topic of post-construction office cleaning.