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Do you feel completely safe in your own house, room, bed or carpet? The reason for the question is that the feeling of security can be quite misleading. If house cleaning is a tremendous burden for you, and noise from the hover evokes the attack of anger as well as irritation this material is accurately for you.

We are setting up a new column under the name: For those who hate house cleaning.

That is why, dear friends in misfortune, let us befriend, post and share information on the website or Facebook if this issue is close to you enough. And why not? If women who like house cleaning are gathered into the communities, associations and conquered the internet with their guidance of house cleaning, we may join as well. As for me, the percentage of those who hate this routine work- house cleaning, will be much higher.

In fact, let us think why should we spend so much time and attention on this activity?

On the one hand, there are those who will say that it brings pleasure and inner calmness. Yes, I agree. The fact of house cleaning brings inner tranquility and the feeling of relief. Nevertheless, when I have to take all those cleaning stuff for washing, polishing, and cleaning carpets I become furious. Are we born for doing house cleaning?

Let us count how much time the house cleaning takes for me personally. For sure, it will be not less than 2-3 hours in this new type of sports(Kidding) But it is not all, who said that my own house cleaning will be at least 80% effective?May be I am not so fussy in cleaning the dust, and after my cleaning 3-4 corners will be dirty. Who said that my hover kills all microbes?

Recently, I got to know that if I see my carpet clean it does not mean that it is clean enough. In every house there are bed and dust mites. They are such tiny creatures that eat scurf, tiny parts of the skin, hair, fur from our pets, dust, and other products of human activity that we do not notice.

As scientists prove in one gram of dust may be from 200 to 15 thousands dust mites. The worst is that to get rid of them with common hover will be waste of time. For this you will need special equipment which is used by cleaning companies. That is why if you do not get rid of them you will have problems with allergy, and skin diseases. Moreover, for children dust mites bring a huge threat as well.

Can I say with 100 % sure that after the cleaning my home will be clean for my dearest and nearest.  I am sorry, but in the questions that I am not 100% professional I do not trust myself and show up my muscles that I have gained after cleaning is not so pleasant work at all. Let us do only those things that we are 100% profound.  There are people who spend all their life on it. They know what they do, and are familiar with nuances we even do not think of. That is why let us delegate these deals to the skillful masters.