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Any modern office should shine with cleanliness. It is a pledge of the successful business!

Besides, the mood, health and working capacity of employees depends on on-premise cleanliness, the hygienic office condition directly affects the relations between partners, clients and, therefore, the success of all business.  Office general cleaning in Luxury Cleaning New York has its specific features. National traditions, interior features, climatic characteristics of this country have left their mark on technology and methodology of conducting cleaning.

Besides traditional cleaning of all surfaces (floors, walls, windows, furniture), general cleaning in Manhattan includes cleaning chandeliers and light fixtures, washing of showcases; cleaning of office furniture, tiles, stone and marble floors and stairs; upholstered furniture cleaning.

The difference between cleaning of office and other premises consists in the ultimate precision and accuracy. Wiping technique, folders, office furniture, it is important not to shift documents and folders, and return everything strictly on its place. The draught, which can lift a whirlwind of papers from the table, is unacceptable here as it will be impossible to arrange everything in the same order after it.

In New York offices the emphasis is on the maximum practicality and functionality, therefore carpets are absent at many offices, and there is a minimum number of upholstered furniture. According to this fact, general cleaning is carried out quickly enough. All cabinet furniture is wiped by special sponges using detergents.

Also all office equipment fixtures and lamps are carefully cleaned. Special attention is paid to cleaning of employees’ workplaces. As the office is a face of the company, it is necessary to clean it really often. Special detergents, which allow to make cleaning better and to reduce cleaning time, are used for this purpose.

The final stage of office general cleaning is cleaning of floors and stairs. As floors and stairs in Manhattan, are mainly made of stone, marble, granite, specific wood, their cleaning is done in a special way.

At first water with special products is put on a floor, then it is cleaned with a mop, which is equipped with a special rubber nozzle, or with the vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function. Then the floor is wiped.

The special attention is paid to a marble floor or a floor made of expensive kinds of wood. Its cleaning is carried out only with the special detergents intended for this material, otherwise marble or wood can lose their shine and it will be very difficult to return it.

Quite often marble or wooden floors lose their original look because of a long-term use. Such procedures as polishing, crystallization and varnishing will help to update the look of noble materials.

Office general cleaning in Manhattan, New York is a prerogative of such cleaning companies as Luxury Cleaning NY because they have got special chemical products for each specific material, the professional technique, allowing to carry out cleaning quickly and qualitatively, and what is more important – they have specially trained personnel of cleaners.