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It is always pleasant to see cleanliness at home and at work. But more often we are so busy that it is impossible to spend even few minutes on cleaning. And at the office, as a rule, specially employed people take care of cleanliness. But do they always perform their duties qualitatively? In this article we will find out how the professional cleaning of residences and offices make our life more comfortable, and the world around us – purer.

Cleanliness is the head of everything!

Cleaning isn’t rather new term for New York which has come from ancient times, when cleaning services were carried out by servants. Certainly, it was appropriate to use wage labour for cleaning of premises in our country long ago, especially when it comes to special workers or whole brigades, who specialize only on cleaning. Today cleaning companies serve lots of offices, and some private houses and apartments. Their duties include not only current and general cleaning, for example, after the renovation, but also cleaning of a kitchen, a bathroom, extra services, etc.
The professional cleaning is not just superficial cleaning like many people think. It is a complete supporting care of furniture, office equipment, carpets. If you want your office makes positive impression upon the client, it will be difficult to dispense with commercial cleaning services of Luxury Cleaning NY company.

Besides, it is the matter of certain prestige: now it is not accepted in business circles to use pensioners for cleaning, to spend long hours cleaning the floor and a cooker at home. More and more people contact the firms which provide skilled personnel, the special equipment and detergents for cleaning.

According to the statistics over the last ten years, the cleaning market grew on 25-35 % a year on average and for today almost every second company orders professional cleaning of the office and non-residential premises.

Moreover, the majority of companies, which ordered the commercial cleaning, are regular customers. Residential cleaning services are ordered even more often, after all, the popularity of cleaning service grows among individuals every year.