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International cleaning association ISSA shows in its infographics how the level of cleanliness influences economic indicators of the commercial enterprises in America.

Cleanliness is the guarantee of health!

The American companies spend 225.8 billion dollars a year on the ill personnel. Thus, the general losses of labor productivity of sick employees make 3-8 %. The dust content in premises reduces thinking abilities of employees on 2-6 %.
The unplanned absence of staff on a workplace leads to poor performance of the enterprise on 54 %, and sales slump may reach 39 %.
At the same time researches show that timely and qualitative cleaning:
Reduces the risk of cold-related diseases of employees on 80 %
Reduces the number of absence from work due to illness on 46 %
Reduces quantity of the surfaces infected with microbes on 62 %
Raises incomes of production efficiency on 2-8 %
Consumers choose cleanliness
6 from 10 visitors of restaurants are ready to visit public catering places more often under condition of a high level of cleanliness there
60 % of Americans make more purchases in the shopping centers with favorable surrounding conditions
94 % of the surveyed residents of America try to avoid places with dirty toilets.
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