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We find an individual approach to each Customer and we adapt the prices and services depending on assigned tasks. At any time convenient for you the expert of our company is ready to define absolutely free the structure and volume of necessary works. According to the result, you will be given the preliminary estimates of all expenditures.

The final cost of cleaning services depends on the following factors: the premise area; specificity of the object; the complexity of assigned tasks; volumes and regularity of works, etc.

The prices on cleaning services can differ depending on kinds of works. So, commercial cleaning service will be more expensive in comparison with apartment cleaning service, considering that it is much more difficult to make cleaning in the office because of the presence of equipment and various specific contaminants.

It is necessary to consider that the cost of cleaning works depends on the quantity of used detergents and expendable materials, using specialized equipment and stock, and also labor costs necessary for work, the number of workers and time spent for cleaning.

Also we have different services: House Cleaning, Residential Cleaning, Apartments cleaning, Commercial cleaning, etc. You can see our cleaning rates here =)

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