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There is one custom in a number of families. During one day all members of the family are completely dedicated to the cleaning of the house. Everything is being cleaned and washed, wiped and sorted. And this habit is unchangeable. Is it good or bad? In this article, we will try to highlight the question of cleaning at weekends together with NYC maid services experts.


Why is this custom so popular? The answer is simple – our mothers and grandmothers used to do the same and the house was famous for cleanliness and comfort, so I should do so – to do cleaning at the weekend. Some people do cleaning on Saturday, others do it even on Sundays.

Few of them confess that the day of cleaning sometimes seems to them as a wasted day. It can’t be refused that it is useful and we do not want to live in a dirty house, but for some reason, in that day everyone in the family blame each other for something. This is considered to be inevitable trouble, and there is nothing to dispute on. And it’s wrong!

It’s not a secret that there are people who can’t even think about cleaning calmly because it causes irritation. And we are not talking about pathological fans of dirt. Often they just have not found a way to deal with household chores without stress.

According to analysts’ estimates of NYC maid services, most of the residents of New York hate cleaning.

Another interesting fact that the researchers of NYC maid services segment have found: the majority of residents of New York would gladly entrust cleaning of their houses with cleaning companies. But their habit and fear of paying a large sum for cleaning make them postpone this decision.


Some habits prevent you from finding your way to comfort. For example, such a typical situation. Mom made her daughter accustomed to her order from the childhood. Saturday or Sunday morning began with cleaning. It’s nothing that there was a sunny summer day and you could go to the river, it’s nothing that your friend called you to watch movies. Firstly do the cleaning, then go!

Years pass by and an adult daughter still hates Saturday morning but still do the cleaning. But there are many options. You can do some cleaning during the week. You can do less mess around and then you do not have to do general cleaning every Saturday.


Talk with members of your family that now everyone has the own area of responsibility. Thus, the eldest son takes out the garbage. Daughter wipes the dust and you, for example, clean kitchen.

Simple division of responsibilities and some work during the week can help you to avoid this unpleasant cleaning on Saturday.

If you want to spend this day on the barbeque or doing some other pleasant things, you can order one of the best NYC maid services. We give you cleanliness and you get the perfect weekend without boring work.