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How to get rid of useless stuff in the apartment.  Advice from apartment cleaning NYC experts!

Who can give better advice about apartment cleaning than apartment cleaning specialists? Today the best apartment cleaning NYC experts will tell you how to clean everything up, just exactly how you have always dreamt.

How to find those things which should be thrown out. Advice from apartment cleaning NYC experts

Imagine that you offer your living interior for rubric «Apartment of the week». You should take photos of your apartment in order to participate. So, just do it – use your mobile phone camera. And now look at the results on a big screen. This is how your apartment really looks like from the side. You can see all those things on the photos which don’t suit the interior or aren’t at their proper places or even would be immediately thrown out. Another advantage of taking photos is that you have captured all that, sentimental stuff” and now it’s not so hard to throw away a dozen souvenirs from the last trip. They just fill the space but you don’t notice them anymore.

Besides photography, you can also use the chronological method of throwing things out. Get rid of everything which you haven’t used for more than a year: Overdue medicine (you have a full first aid kit of such ones, haven’t you?), half-empty bottles of perfumes, old creams, etc. Let’s clean the living space from old useless things!

How to organize your space and to sort out things rationally? Advice from apartment cleaning NYC experts

The most proper furniture for holding a lot of different things is fitted-in furniture. It is custom made and it means that your personal preferences and needs in style, keeping, etc would be counted.

There is no possibility to order custom made furniture and you have no place to store things, haven’t you? You can store them in boxes that can hold a lot of things, more than shelves can. Otherwise, chest of drawers, big and small racks can hold many things. Especially if to add big nice boxes to them.

Use the space of every quarter for maximum: Put flat boxes on wheels under the bed. Also, you can make a wardrobe under the stairs. Put little chest of drawers where it’s possible, hang little cupboards. Use chests, boxes, baskets, chairs, etc. All those things can be easily moved and put in other places using any free space. And the last piece of advice: Don’t keep useless things in your house!

There are a lot of useful and useless things in every family which we keep. Some of them can hold externally. But it will be better not to put them in such places in order not to spoil the view of your apartment. Modern furniture lets us not to create extra trash in the apartment. Use fitted-in wardrobes, which are hidden behind the wall panels both in classic and modern style. Buy beds which can be transformed into a sofa, tables with inner space. It can expand your storage places. Also, don’t forget about kitchen cupboards. They can be placed in two rows by using the space under the ceiling which is usually empty. In the living room, you can use chests, coffee tables, ottomans. It will improve your interior! Buy boxes that can be placed under the bed, above the wardrobe, or just simply in the corner.  Boxes can be of different sizes and colors, so it will be was to choose these which suit your interior.

Thanks to the experience and creativity of our apartment cleaning NYC experts you can use your living space for 100 %. For more questions about ordering our services contact us by phone number which is on our website or fill in the quote for cleaning.